Plumbing Engineering & Design Handbook of Tables Application

Plumbing Engineering & Design Handbook of Tables
Digital App

This application is the newest addition to ASPE's digital publication collection and is FREE to ASPE Members.

The Plumbing Engineering & Design Handbook of Tables App is an exact replica of the 2,500-page handbook—except it's in an easy-to-use Adobe Air application. Every chapter is reproduced in HTML or PDF, so you can click through to easily find the information you need. Best of all, instead of paging through hundreds of pages to find sizing data, all you have to do is choose the appropriate pipe material and other design criteria and the sizing data appears instantly!

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Now there is a mobile version! 

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Desktop version coming soon! 

Version History:

  • 3.03 Convert to 64bit and latest iOs version
  • 1.23 Initial release
  • 1.24 Primarily Display Tweeks
  • 1.25 
    • Whole new interface
    • Under the hood, moved to latest framework so making Mobile Version will be easier.
    • Now handles display of PDFs better.
  • 1.26 
    • Manning calculations were only doing Metric
  • 1.27
    • In Storm Drainage The Water Properties Tab changed to Stack Flow
    • Hot Water Multiplyer changed to Horizontal Flow


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Note: If you encounter an error while using the app, please contact our IT Director at . New versions will be released periodically.