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Do you find it difficult to obtain continuing education units (CEUs)? Through this special series, ASPE can help you accumulate the CEUs required for maintaining your Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) or Certified Plumbing Design Technician (CPDT) status or numerous regulatory-agency CE programs.

Registered Ohio Professional Engineers:

Click here to review the state's continuing professional development policy and the limits to technical articles. Ohio refers to their continuing education as continuing professional development (CPD) and is not to be confused with the CPD acronym or Certified in Plumbing Design. Read more about the renewal process here. ASPE's Read, Learn, Earn self-paced articles would be considered a 'correspondence course' in the state of Ohio.

CE Articles and Exams

Click on a link below to find the latest CE article and exam. Reading the article and completing the accompanying test will allow you to apply to ASPE for CEU credit. For most people, this process will require approximately one hour. If you earn a grade of 90 percent or higher on the test, you will be emailed a certificate of completion worth 0.1 CEU.

Exams are posted around the first day of the month. Articles are valid for 12 months. If you see any article below with an associated quiz it's eligible to earn CEUs.

After participating in an ASPE educational program visit ASPE’s CEU Validation Center.   

Download the article you wish to read with the accompanying test at the end, then submit your answers online! After reading the article, log in to our website (above) to verify your membership, then choose the respective quiz to submit online. Nonmembers: First create an account using the email address to where your CEU certificate will be sent (top right of website) then return here to select the appropriate link where you'll be prompted with a payment screen.

Call 224-217-9016 or email education at with all questions.

Please note: the preferred browsers to take the RLE quizzes are Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. After completing the quiz DO NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER until you see a dialogue box that states a certificate has been emailed to you.

Month No. Article Online Submission
Apr. 2019 270 Vibration Isolation
Mar. 2019 269 Plumbing Design for Healthcare Facilities
Feb. 2019 268 Specifications
Jan. 2019 267 Valves
Dec. 2018 266 Grease Interceptors
Nov. 2018 265 Seismic Protection of Plumbing Systems
Oct. 2018 264 Gasoline and Diesel Oil Systems
Sept. 2018 263 Solar Energy Systems
Aug. 2018 262 Bioremediation Pretreatment Systems
July 2018 261 Laboratory Gases
June 2018 260 Treatment of Industrial Waste
May 2018 259 Pumps 
Apr. 2018 258 Acoustics in Plumbing Systems

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Want to refresh your memory or reference old Read, Learn, Earn articles? While you can't earn CEU credit for reading these articles they are now available for you to download. Click here for the listing (members only).


Please email education at or call 224-217-9016 with questions about this program.