Wilo-Foundation and Wilo USA Receive the Business of the Year 2022 Award in Cedarburg

WILO USA LLC, a subsidiary of WILO SE, is proud to continue as a STEAM sponsor in Cedarburg’s School District (CSD) this fall through the Wilo-Foundation. The Dortmund-based family foundation has helped fund the Cedarburg Education Foundation’s (CEF) project to support the fruition of the STEAM in a multi-year plan that began in 2018. The sponsorship of $112,000 over the next three years was announced on November 12, 2022, at the annual Bulldog Charity Gala of the Cedarburg Education Foundation (CEF).

“Cedarburg is an important location for Wilo’s long-term strategy, and STEAM and future skills will play a key role in fueling growth, adding jobs, and strengthening the community. As Wilo USA’s new regional headquarters and anchor tenant for Cedarburg’s new business park, we are excited to support the CEF/CSD and the future-oriented STEAM initiative,” said Jeff Plaster, CEO/Managing Director of Wilo USA.

As a result of opening Wilo USA’s new regional headquarters in spring 2022 and the remarkable community commitment through the Wilo-Foundation, Jeff Plaster and Evi Hoch, Executive Board Member of the German Wilo-Foundation were both grateful to receive the Business of the Year 2022 award from the CEF.

The STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) initiative is an integrated, interdisciplinary approach funded by the CEF.

“It is truly an honor to have an international foundation align and connect with the purpose and vision of both CEF as well as the school district. We look forward to seeing our STEAM partnership benefit the future of our District students and staff,” said Marc Martino, President of the CEF. “The donation will help high school students to secure a well-defined digital pathway.”

Evi Hoch, a Member of the Executive Board of Wilo-Foundation, explains why the Wilo-Foundation is providing this support and where it will make an impact: “The Wilo Group is rooted in a family of entrepreneurs and engineers that dates back 150 years. For us, taking future-oriented action also means taking responsibility for the common good, particularly in the regions where Wilo is located. Supporting young people, by promoting new technologies and future skills is one of the foundation’s areas of focus. Being a STEAM sponsor of CEF opens a great opportunity for us to support the talent promotion in the Cedarburg region, driven forward by a wonderful organization that understands how to positively connect with the regional economy and their experience.”

Wilo USA is proud to take an active role in this program and looks forward to continuing community involvement and contributing through job shadowing and further talent training offers. You can learn more about the Wilo-Foundation and its ongoing support at wilo-foundation.de/en.html.

Source: Wilo USA

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