Watts Webinar on the Hydraulics of Backflow Detector Assemblies Is Now Available

This one-hour webinar, Hydraulics of Backflow Detector Assemblies Type 1 & 2, is part of the Watts® Works℠ Engineer Webinar Series. Originally aired live on October 29, the recorded version is now available at youtube.com/watch?v=T1loE4fCLbU. You can earn 0.1 ASPE CEU if you successfully complete the quiz after watching the entire webinar.

This webinar focuses on the evolution of backflow preventers and the importance of Type II detector assemblies in unmetered fire connections. It covers:

  • The history of backflow innovation, detectors, standards, and codes
  • Basic hydraulic principles of DC, DCDA, DCDA-II, RP, RPDA, RPDA-II
  • Advantages of Type II assemblies
  • Code compliance and testing of Type II assemblies

The webinar is hosted by Cameron Rapoport, the Backflow Product Specialist at Watts. He works with engineers to provide support in managing our backflow prevention product line including new product development and training.

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