Watts to Host ASPE Accredited Webinar: Data Center Server Cooling Optimization

Watts is pleased to announce a live ASPE-accredited CEU webinar: “Data Center Server Cooling Optimization.” This webinar is part of the Watts® Works℠ Webinar Series, specifically tailored specifically for engineers, architects, designers, specifiers, and facility managers involved in retrofitting, expanding, or constructing new data center facilities.

On Tuesday, July 25, at 12 p.m. EDT, attendees will learn about how a well-designed cooling system can increase the efficiency of a data center and lower operational costs. Participants can earn 0.1 ASPE CEU that counts toward professional development and licensure requirements.

In this webinar, industry subject matter experts will discuss:

  • Different server cooling technologies
  • How server cooling interfaces with chilled water systems
  • Optimizing the interface of server cooling to building chilled water systems
  • Controlling thermal expansion
  • Sizing of the expansion tank and pressure relief valve

To register, click here.

Source: Watts

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