vipHomeLink Establishes Content Alliance with the Water Quality Association

The Water Quality Association (WQA) and vipHomeLink have announced a collaboration whereby WQA will serve as the official water quality information and knowledge provider for vipHomeLink’s leading digital home management platform.

A not-for-profit organization based in Lisle, Illinois, WQA is a leader in drinking water quality. The organization serves as a resource and trusted information source, an educator of professionals, and a product testing laboratory devoted to enhancing the quality of life through sustainable technologies and services.

vipHomeLink is a U.S. technology company that provides the leading digital homeowner engagement platform. The company’s mobile solutions and digital content simplify home ownership, while engaging and empowering homeowners to make their homes safer, more valuable, and more energy efficient. vipHomeLink provides a customized solution to corporate partners, including the insurance industry, where the branded platform helps drive homeowner retention rates, improve policyholder satisfaction, and prevent claims.

Through the relationship, WQA will collaboratively provide vipHomeLink with expert information relating to water quality improvement, contaminant reduction, certified treatment products, locating local water treatment professionals, and water-related hazards that affect homeowners. vipHomeLink will curate and design original content around WQA’s trusted subject matter experts and provide actionable, tailored insights directly to homeowner members. This content will be delivered through vipHomeLink’s multimodal digital channels.

“Given our mission at vipHomeLink to improve home safety for our members and partner companies, we truly appreciate the alignment between our organizations,” stated Geoff Martin, President and Co-founder of vipHomeLink. “We are thrilled to be working with WQA, nationally recognized as the leader in home water quality.”

Pauli Undesser, WQA Executive Director, added, “WQA is pleased to be positioned as the recognized resource and advocate for the betterment of water quality through the work with vipHomeLink. This alliance gives us the opportunity to share important water quality information directly with thousands of homeowners and their families through vipHomeLink’s innovative digital home management platform and their robust content capability.”

Susie Reese, Vice President of Content at vipHomeLink, added, “Through this exciting collaboration, vipHomeLink will leverage the amazing expertise of WQA and deliver knowledge directly to our ever-expanding community of members. Together we will continue to educate homeowners on important issues regarding their water and help make sure families in the U.S. are testing for and aware of potential contaminants in their home.”

“Nearly 40 percent of respondents in WQA’s 2021 Consumer Opinion Study indicated that they are concerned or very concerned about the quality of their household water supply,” said Tom Bruursema, WQA Associate Executive Director of Technical Programs. “The information we will provide through the vipHomeLink platform directly to homeowners will help increase awareness of water quality and risks, including how they can be mitigated, and ultimately make home drinking water safer.”

Source: Water Quality Association

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