USGBC Launches Green Building Careers Site

Members of the 2019 “Future is Green” cohort of high school students learn about green building careers at Greenbuild Atlanta.

Green building professionals are a diverse group who work in every aspect of the industry: design, building, operations, furnishing, finance, advocacy, and promotion. Together, they create buildings and communities that are healthy, vibrant, and sustainable. Signs point to continued expansion of the green building field, as policies and purchasing preferences trend toward energy efficiency, health and wellness, and decarbonization.

To help make jobs in green building more accessible, USGBC has created a new website to share stories from practitioners and resources for developing a green building career pathway.

Whether you’re a student, an emerging professional, or a mid-career professional looking to make a shift toward sustainability, the extensive list of green jobs gives you options. The green careers site also serves as a resource for professionals who influence career paths, such as educators, career counselors, and even curious parents.

On the site, you’ll find:

Plus, in recommending events and outreach to green building companies, the site fosters connections between sustainability’s trailblazers and rising stars, encouraging conversations, job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, and hiring. Existing leaders in green building now have another way to develop a pipeline of talent to replace retiring employees and become leaders in new technologies.

The green building industry shapes the places in which we live, learn, work, and play and should be representative of all of us. USGBC is an inclusive family of individuals from around the globe who thrive in occupations that are exciting, competitive, and meaningful.

Source: U.S. Green Building Council

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