USGBC Announces Its 2023 Board of Directors and Officers

Anyeley Hallová, Daniel Hernandez, Ruth Thomas-Squance, Salah NezarUSGBC’s members recently ratified a slate to fill four seats on its 2023 Board of Directors. The following individuals were selected for their experience advancing sustainable building practices, occupant and community health, and equity in the built environment.

Hallová, Hernandez, Thomas-Squance, and Nezar join USGBC’s president and CEO, Peter Templeton, and two additional directors: Karen Weigert and Marwa Zaatari. The election was open for 30 days, from November 7 through December 6, 2022.

In December 2022, the Board elected its 2023 officers: Anyeley Hallová, Chair; Ruth Thomas-Squance, Vice Chair; and Daniel Hernandez, Secretary-Treasurer.

The USGBC Board of Directors will prioritize strategic planning and programmatic initiatives to accelerate market transformation at scale in 2023. New director and officer terms started on January 1, 2023.

Source: USGBC

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