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Jomar Valve Unveils RecircSetter™, an All-New Thermostatic Balancing Valve

June 30, 2022

Jomar Valve is pleased to announce the latest addition to its balancing valve product line—the RecircSetter™. The RecircSetter™ is a field-adjustable thermostatic balancing valve for hot water recirculation system applications. […]


Learn About Pressure-Reducing Valves at the July Coffee with Caleffi

June 20, 2022

Maintaining water pressure within an acceptable range is vitally important in all types of building plumbing systems. Unregulated systems can cause high mechanical stress on system components, flow noise, valve […]


McGuire’s Integral Check Valve Receives IAPMO Certification for Backflow Protection

June 7, 2022

A leader in the plumbing fixture trim industry for more than 66 years, McGuire Manufacturing Co. Inc. has announced that their patented mechanical integral check angle stop, the ICV Defender™, […]


RWC Celebrates 20 Years of Growth Since Acquiring Cash Acme

May 31, 2022

Reliance Worldwide Corp. (RWC) acquired Cash Acme, the world’s largest-volume temperature and pressure valve manufacturer, 20 years ago on May 31. The 2002 acquisition helped jumpstart RWC’s transition from an Australian private […]


Webstone®, a Brand of NIBCO, Announces New Press and NPT Products

May 6, 2022

Webstone®, a brand of NIBCO, has announced new press and NPT products including ball valves with reversible handles, elbows, and couplings. Designers can choose between MIP or FIP ends to […]


Viega Fittings Earn Additional Navy Approval to Be Used in Surface Combatant Vessels

May 5, 2022

Viega, the first press fitting system to meet the standard for use on Navy combat ships, has won approval for additional components to be used onboard. Last year, the Naval […]


NIBCO Expands Its Line of High-Performance Ball Valves

March 15, 2022

NIBCO Inc. has expanded its line of high-performance ball valves to include 2½-, 3-, and 4-inch sizes of the 585HP-LF and 585HP-66-LF bronze ball valves in solder, threaded, and press-end […]


DOE Issues a Final Rule Pertaining to Test Procedures for Commercial Prerinse Spray Valves

March 7, 2022

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a pre-publication Federal Register final rule pertaining to test procedures for commercial prerinse spray valves. This final rule incorporates by reference the current […]


Learn All About Thermal Balancing Valves at the Next Coffee with Caleffi

February 25, 2022

On March 17 at noon CDT, during the next Coffee with Caleffi one-hour webinar, “Balancing Success Stories,” the Ask Caleffi Team will discuss and analyze real-life balancing projects. Ripped from […]


NIBCO Launches Wrot Racer “Start Me Up” Promotion for Its Next Generation of Push Fittings

February 22, 2022

NIBCO INC. announces its Wrot Racer® “Start Me Up” promotion to celebrate its next generation of push fittings that it recently launched. The multi-faceted promotion centers on the Wrot Racer C8 […]

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