SFPE Foundation Announces New Research into Assessment of Sustainable and Fire-Resilient Buildings

The SFPE Foundation, a charitable organization focused on enhancing the scientific understanding of fire and its interaction with the natural and built environment, is pleased to announce the funding of a research award to prepare for future development of risk-informed performance-based tools for the assessment of sustainable and fire-resilient buildings. The research will be led by Brian J. Meacham, PhD, PE, CEng, FIFireE, FSFPE, Managing Principal at Meacham Associates, with support from Håkan Frantzich, PhD, FSFPE, Associate Professor, and Margaret McNamee, PhD, Professor, both with the Division of Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University.

The research will involve characterizing the problem, researching and identifying appropriate assessment methods, identifying necessary attributes and requirements for input data, and developing a framework to underpin a risk-informed performance-based assessment methodology. Additional review will focus on consideration of how green attributes and risk factors impact risk assessment, uncertainty treatment, and decision-support methodologies in sustainable and fire resilient buildings. Findings of the study are expected to be published and presented through SFPE and the SFPE Foundation in 2023.

“To aid in the assessment of sustainable and fire-resilient buildings, the SFPE Foundation’s Board of Governors is pleased to provide funding for another major new research investment in 2022,” stated Leslie Marshall, Ph.D., Director, SFPE Foundation.  “This project aligns with SFPE Research Roadmap priorities and is a foundational step to ultimately provide designers and practitioners with performance-based tools to identify and mitigate fire risk in green buildings.”

Financing for SFPE Foundation-funded research is provided through the generous support of donors, including SFPE, SFPE chapters, SFPE members, governmental agencies, leading companies and organizations, and others. Demand for SFPE Foundation research funding support far exceeds available funds. The SFPE Foundation periodically invites research proposals through both open calls and specific requests for proposals.

Additional information about the SFPE Foundation, its programs, and this research project is available at sfpe.org/foundation.

Source: Society of Fire Protection Engineers

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