RWC Launches New Commercial PRV that Replaces Expensive Multi-Valve Installs

Cash Acme EB25 Plus PRVReliance Worldwide Corp. (RWC) has launched the Cash Acme EB25 Plus PRV to help mechanical contractors and plumbing engineers save money and time while completing projects. 

EB25 Plus replaces both parallel or series system installations and automatic control valves with a single valve, providing fast setup and maintenance. The accurate flow control and pressure regulation of the EB25 Plus eliminate the need for costly multi-valve installation, such as high-low valves installed in parallel to meet varying flow requirements or multi-valves installed in series to reduce high inlet pressures to desired line pressure.

With its 10:1 pressure reduction, the co-axial double spring design eliminates the need for a parallel or series system installation, regulating low flow to maximum flow with a single valve. Pressure can be adjusted in the field in less than five minutes by pulling the cap off and adjusting the nut to achieve the desired pressure. Replacing the need for an ACV, the EB25 Plus can be installed at any orientation—vertical, horizontal, upward, or inverted. The single-cartridge design can be serviced with the valve body in place.

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Source: Reliance Worldwide Corp.

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