Rinnai Tankless Truths Episode Is Live on The Build Show Podcast

Rinnai Tankless TruthsTo combat the misconceptions often associated with tankless water heaters, Rinnai has launched its new Tankless Truths Campaign, which focuses on debunking eight tankless myths. To provide insights and knowledge, Tim Greer, Lead of Training Development at Rinnai America, dove into those myths with Matt Risinger on his Build Show Podcast.

Below are prominent topics covered in the Build Show Podcast:

  • Comfort: “We’ve all been raised with tanks and hearing ‘Hurry, get out of the shower before the hot water runs out,’ but the point behind a tankless water heater is to never run out of hot water.”
  • Efficiency: “For every dollar you are putting into the flame, you are getting about 99 cents out of that dollar for heating the water.”
  • Space Savings: “Tankless water heaters are half the size of a regular tank water heater.”
  • Reliability: “When properly maintained, the tank will last about 10 years and the tankless water heater will last about 20 years.”

The episode can be found here or on any other supporting podcast platform. 

Source: Rinnai America Corp.

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