Rinnai Launches New RE Series Tankless Water Heater with Smart-Circ Intelligent Recirculation

Rinnai RE Series™ Tankless Water HeaterRinnai America Corp., a manufacturer of the No. 1 selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in North America, launches the RE Series™ Tankless Water Heater, the first and only noncondensing unit with a built-in pump, featuring Smart-Circ™ Intelligent Recirculation™. Rinnai raises the bar with a new line of advanced noncondensing tankless water heaters unlike anything else on the market, delivering a level of installation ease, as well as enhanced serviceability, reliability, and usability.  

Proudly assembled at Rinnai’s recently opened manufacturing facility in Griffin, Georgia, the RE Series is the first Rinnai product manufactured in the U.S., creating jobs, boosting the local economy, and breaking new ground in tankless water heating.  

“To combat shipping delays and supply chain challenges, it’s important to Rinnai that the new U.S. manufacturing plant provides PROs with the latest in water heating technology promptly,” said Frank Windsor, President, Rinnai America Corp. “As we all know, time is money, and we want to provide a product that makes our PROs’ jobs faster and easier.” 

The newly designed RE Series makes tankless water heaters even smarter to install with the addition of: 

  • A new clean internal layout with a wiring harness and fewer fasteners to make it easy to see and access different components
  • A new safety handle and seating bracket for the heat exchanger and combustion system to protect different components
  • A new LED screen to set maintenance and service reminders, as well as provide error codes and alerts for when a lime scale flush is required
  • A new sliding wall bracket allows a single installer to handle and slide the unit horizontally to align with venting before securing the unit to the drywall
  • The new Smart-Circ technology makes installation even easier, as external controllers are no longer needed to ensure customers have hot water when they need it

The RE Series features Rinnai’s latest innovative Smart-Circ Intelligent Recirculation. This technology learns a user’s hot water usage patterns over seven days, then schedules the built-in pump and times recirculation patterns accordingly. Users enjoy hot water during regular demand periods while saving energy and money. The RE Series is also available with the control•r™ Wi-Fi module, to achieve scheduled recirculation or on-demand operations if that is desired.  

It’s never been easier for PROs to sell, install, service, and maintain Rinnai noncondensing tankless water heaters, and for the first time, Rinnai now offers PROs both condensing and noncondensing tankless water heaters with a built-in pump to deliver faster hot water at the faucet. 

Rinnai’s brand promise of “Creating a healthier way of living®” is at the forefront of all the company’s efforts. By continuing to offer new and innovative technologies, Rinnai is aiding in providing homes with energy-efficient hot water options for cleaner and healthier living.

Source: Rinnai America Corp. 

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