PPI Issues Recommendations for Insulating Plastic Pressure Piping Materials

The Plastics Pipe Institute has released the 2021 version of TN-65: Insulation Recommendations for Plastic Pressure Piping Materials in Residential Applications. The purpose of this technical note is to provide information regarding the need to insulate plastic pressure pipe materials used for applications such as hot and cold water plumbing, fire protection, and hydronic heating or cooling systems within residential buildings.

The materials included in this technical note are:

  • CPVC: chlorinated polyvinyl chloride
  • PEX: cross-linked polyethylene
  • PEX/AL/PEX: cross-linked polyethylene/aluminum/cross-linked polyethylene
  • PE-RT: polyethylene of raised temperature resistance
  • PP-R: random copolymerized polypropylene
  • PP-RCT: polypropylene random copolymer with modified crystallinity and temperature resistance

TN-65 focuses on insulating plastic pressure piping materials from the perspective of freeze protection, not energy conservation.

Source: Plastics Pipe Institute

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