One of the Best Things ASPE Has Done in Years

Since the launch of ASPE Connect—the hottest online community for plumbing industry professionals—thousands of plumbing engineers and designers from around the world have benefitted from its shared knowledge and expertise on a daily basis. “The introduction of this forum has been one of the best things ASPE has done in years,” says Michael Divens, CPD, a Senior Mechanical Designer with PDC Inc. Engineers in Anchorage.

Do you have a plumbing design question, or are you looking for career guidance? In our Open Forum, you can get quick answers and advice from numerous experts, often within minutes.

Sakhr Saleh, an MEP Manager with First Saudi Contracting Company in Riyadh, loves using ASPE Connect to find straightforward solutions for plumbing problems and subsequently enrich his engineering knowledge. “The sharing of knowledge, whether gained from code familiarity, experience, or lessons learned, can rarely be a bad thing,” Divens concurs.

Kimya Azadmard, CPD, EIT, LEED GA, a Senior Plumbing Engineer in Glendale, California, also agrees, adding that sharing information, learning, and networking are the greatest benefits of ASPE Connect.

So what are you waiting for? Join our community today and become part of the industry’s largest network of plumbing industry professionals. ASPE Connect is free for ASPE members, and we also offer a 30-day trial for nonmembers. Visit today to get started.


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