October 2021 From the Executive’s Desk: Success in San Diego

What a special few days we had in beautiful San Diego for the 2021 ASPE Tech Symposium! The weather was not the only beautiful sight to behold, however. When ASPE decided to hold the 2021 Tech Symposium in San Diego, we thought it would be a well-attended event—maybe even one of our better-attended Symposiums. That thought turned out to be very accurate, as the 2021 ASPE Tech Symposium convened in San Diego on September 23–26 did indeed break the Symposium attendance record. I am pleased to announce that the attendance reached an all-time high for this biennial event (610+ total attendees), eclipsing the previous attendance record set at the 2019 Tech Symposium, which was held in Pittsburgh.

Allow me to give a brief update of the activities shared by all. We kicked off the weekend with more than 330 plumbing engineers and designers interacting face to face with all of the Sponsors who so graciously supported our event at the two-day Tech Symposium Product Show on Thursday evening and Friday morning. The attendees learned about the newest innovations and plumbing products from 54 of the industry’s top manufacturers and service providers while reengaging with their peers from across the country for the first time in almost two years. In fact, numerous attendees remarked on how glad they were to be back in person for a national ASPE event. Well, I can assure you that ASPE also missed each of you during the pandemic-driven hiatus of our annual events, and we were so happy to welcome each of you back.

Many of our Product Show exhibitors commented that the overall attendance numbers were far better than expected. One exhibitor specifically said the high attendance was apparent as their booth was constantly buzzing with engineers. We had a great experience, and it was so good to actually see people’s faces and have meaningful conversations.

As our members and industry partners are accustomed to, the cornerstone of the ASPE Tech Symposium is the Technical Education Program, which spanned 2.5 days this year and included 38 sessions offering up to 1.2 CEUs. Attendees crowded the session rooms to learn from our expert speakers on timely topics such as reopening buildings after shutdowns, changes to the latest plumbing codes, the environmental benefits of heat pump water heaters, balancing sustainability and water safety, and more.

An unexpected rainstorm in typically sunny San Diego couldn’t dampen our attendees’ spirits at the Welcome Party sponsored by Charlotte Pipe, and ASPE Young Professionals (AYP) also hosted a special get-together at Park & Rec in University Heights. Prior to the Symposium, AYP held its biennial Leadership Academy, sponsored by Zurn, where young professionals gathered to learn proven strategies to bring out the best in themselves and their team members.

One thing that really comes to my mind is that after such an unsettled time, it was extremely exciting to see our members, our Sponsors, and our industry partners at the 2021 ASPE Tech Symposium. As I reflect on the attendance numbers, I know that the industry remains committed to ASPE and our members, and I wholeheartedly thank everyone who took the time to travel to San Diego to be part of such an amazing event.

Looking forward, we hope you are planning to join us for the next national ASPE event, which will be the 2022 ASPE Convention & Expo in Indianapolis on September 16–21. Start making your plans to join us, as we’ve already begun plans to include you. Registration will open in the spring of 2022.

Honoring Our Leaders

Let’s not forget what is most important to ASPE and our continued success: Each and every day ASPE is about our members and our Chapters and the many benefits our Society can bring to our members and the industry. With that being the case, each year ASPE honors our Chapters and members for their many contributions.

During the 2021 ASPE Tech Symposium Lunch & Awards Ceremony on Saturday, September 25, ASPE recognized numerous local Chapters and members for their contributions to the Society and the plumbing engineering industry over the past year. “Thanks to their dedication, the ASPE Family and the plumbing engineering industry are stronger than ever,” said our President, Carol Johnson, CPD, LEED AP, CFI, FASPE.

The following awards were presented at the ceremony.

2021 Award of Excellence

These ASPE members were honored with the Award of Excellence for their countless volunteer hours in multiple leadership positions to help the Society succeed: Holly Bruns; Mitch Clemente, CPD, FASPE; David Dexter, FNSPE, FASPE, CPD, CPI, LEED BD+C, PE; Lawrence Justin, PE, CPD, FASPE, Paula Leatherman, CPD, FASPE; Christoph Lohr, PE, CPD, LEED AP BD+C; Laura Loziuk; Joseph Messina, CPD FASPE; William O’Donnell, CPD FASPE; Curtis Ray Jr., CPD FASPE; Warren Rosenbrook, PE, CPD, GPD, FASPE; Vincent Scriboni, CPD, FASPE; Robert Shorey Jr., CPD, GPD, FASPE; Donald Strickland Jr., CPD, GPD, FASPE; Scott Steindler, CPD, LEED AP, ARCSA AP (IS), GPD, GGP, FASPE; and Diane Wingard, CPD, FASPE.

2021 Director’s Award

These awards are presented by ASPE’s Region Directors to recognize outstanding members and Chapters in their Regions.

  • Philadelphia Chapter, for membership retention and educational leadership
  • Hampton Roads Chapter, for their dedication and perseverance
  • Lisa Sprague, CM-BIM, for outstanding Hampton Roads Chapter leadership, performance, and commitment to advancing the Society through the development of and sustaining health of the Chapter.
  • Connecticut Chapter, for their dedication and perseverance
  • Pam Hartsell, CPD, PMP, for outstanding Eastern Michigan Chapter leadership, performance and commitment to advancing the Society through the development of technical education programs.
  • Brian Young, P.Eng., Greater Toronto Chapter, for outstanding leadership and membership growth
  • Dann Holmes, for contributions, service, and commitment to Region 2 and the Society by serving as the Region 2 Affiliate Liaison and Secretary of the Eastern Michigan Chapter
  • Andrew Hemmelgarn, PE, CPD, for outstanding contributions and service to the Southwestern Ohio Chapter as the Chapter AYP Liaison and to the Society as a Region 2 representative on the Membership Committee.
  • Theresa Card, PE, CPD, GPD, LEED AP, for outstanding contributions to the Eastern Michigan Chapter
  • Tom Kingshott, CPD, GPD, for outstanding contributions and service to the Society as a member of the Long-Range Planning Committee
  • Rolf Fischer, for outstanding contributions and service to the Society as a Region 2 representative on the Membership Committee
  • Eric Reese, CPD, GPD, for outstanding contributions and service to the Society as a member of the Nominating Committee
  • Vincent J. Scriboni, FASPE, for outstanding leadership, membership growth, and community outreach
  • Diane Wingard, CPD, FASPE, for outstanding leadership and commitment to advancing the Society
  • Aaron Bock, PE, CPD, GPD, LEED AP, for outstanding leadership, membership growth, and community service
  • Lyn Adair, for outstanding leadership and expansion of the ASPE Society
  • Donald Taylor, CPD, GPD, for outstanding leadership and commitment to advancing the Society

2020-2021 Chapter Award of Merit

This award recognizes the following Chapters for extraordinary contributions made on behalf of the Society: Alabama, Arkansas, Baltimore, British Columbia, Central Florida, Eastern Michigan, Houston, Johnstown, Los Angeles, Lubbock High Plains, Montreal, New York City, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, South Florida, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin.

2020-2021 Membership Growth Award

The Membership Growth Award is given to the top three Chapters with the highest percentage of growth in the past year in two categories: Chapters with up to 99 members and Chapters with 100 or more members.

  • 99 members or less: Oklahoma, South Florida, Toronto
  • 100+ members: Seattle, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin

2020-2021 Membership Retention Award

One of the more difficult awards to achieve, the Membership Retention Award recognizes the following Chapters that retained 90 percent or more of their previous year’s membership: Alabama, Arkansas Satellite, Central Florida, Columbia, East Tennessee, Memphis, Omaha, Seattle, Southwestern Ohio, Toronto, and Wisconsin.

Education Fund and Education & Research Foundation Contributors

ASPE also recognized Chapters for contributing to the success of our educational programs by donating to the Education Fund and Education & Research Foundation.

  • Education Fund Contributors: Baltimore, Cleveland, Johnstown, Montreal, Oklahoma City, Omaha
  • Education & Research Foundation Contributors: Baltimore, Cleveland, Johnstown, Montreal, New York City, Oklahoma City, Omaha

In closing, here’s another reminder of our successful 2021 Tech Symposium and the ongoing plans for the successful 2022 Convention & Expo in Indianapolis. Start planning now to be there, as ASPE is all about you: our members, our supporters, our partners. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Carry on…

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