NIBCO Introduces Large-Diameter 585HP High-Performance Ball Valves

NIBCO is excited to announce the launch of 2½-, 3-, and 4-inch 585HP-LF and 585HP-66-LF bronze ball valves in solder, threaded, and press end connections.

The 585HP lead-free ball valve is the industry’s only two-piece, full-port, bronze ball valve with a 1,000-CWP pressure rating that’s backed by a 10-year, 125 percent limited warranty. The triple-sealed stem and patented laser-welded design make it the perfect choice for mission-critical applications when performance matters.

The 585HP is on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology, ease of installation, and highest quality standards. The traditional ball valve has been completely rethought and reimagined to enhance the user experience and incorporate advances in assembly technology, creating the most advanced commercial ball valve on the market today. It features:

  • Reversible handle: The handle is reversible by moving the stop pin from one location to the other, eliminating the need to reinstall the valve due to an unforeseen handle swing obstruction. This valuable time- and money-saving feature is designed for prefabricated sub-assemblies that are produced offsite and valve handle modification is common during installation.
  • Triple-sealed stem: The 585HP is triple-sealed, with two elastomer O-rings as the primary and secondary seals. The PTFE packing is the tertiary seal and is compressed by a large and easily accessible packing nut.
  • Large accessible packing nut: Most adjustable wrenches will fit easily under the handle. This new configuration allows the PTFE packing to be serviced and replaced in the future. No special packing wrench is required.
  • Laser-welded construction: The laser welding process used on the 585HP is the same high-tech manufacturing technology used in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. A high-intensity laser beam is focused right at the body-to-body end joint, which melts the bronze alloy material at the seam. The seam then re-solidifies as a high-strength, welded part.

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