More than 90 Industry Professionals Earn the Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) Credential

We are pleased to announce that the following industry professionals successfully passed the 2023 Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) exam and now are eligible to use the CPD designation after their names. The CPD program, which is the only international credential program in the plumbing engineering field, sets the standard for leadership within the industry and provides formal recognition of outstanding professionals with advanced skills in the design and specification of plumbing systems. To learn more, visit

Atlanta Chapter

Mark Gerard Azarraga, CPD
Stephen Charles Snyder, CPD
Cale William Stich, CPD

Baltimore Chapter

Benjamin Paul Becker, PE, CPD
Rafid Quazi Karim, CPD
David Moskowitz, CPD

Boston Chapter

Michael Justin Augusta, CPD
George G. Baberkov, CPD
Liam Devin Collins, CPD
Bradley Ryan Gahagan, CPD
Sabrina Randall, CPD

Capital Region NY Chapter

Kevin P. Shaw, CPD

Central New York Chapter

Bryan Charles Wegener, PE, CPD

Central Ohio Chapter

Douglas P. Heigl, CPD

Central Texas Chapter

Tobin Brett Erp, CPD
Jacob Enrique Prado, CPD

Charlotte Chapter

Luis A. Marin Betancurt, CPD
Brock Justin Green, CPD
Diarra J. Swinson, CPD

Chicago Chapter

Michael Kerrigan Casey, PE, CPD
Gary Shant Kachaturian, CPD
Andrew Patrick Poull, CPD

Connecticut Chapter

Remington James Carle, CPD
Jonathan P. Kurtz, CPD

Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter

Eric Hernan Juarez, P. Eng, CPD
Dylan Pate Meurer, G.E., CPD
Joseph Maier Nelson, CPD
Brittainy Tidwell, PE, CPD

Denver Chapter

Robert Armbrester, PE, LEEP AP, CPD
Carson Jose Van Ausdall, CPD
Bonita Louise Birge, PE, CPD

East Tennessee Chapter

Vainapong Sonny Luangrath, CPD

Eastern Michigan Chapter

Jeremy N. Halligan, CPD
Ryan Levi Lyle, CPD

Hampton Roads Chapter

Richard Alan O’Berry, CPD
Svetlana Misevich Reid, CPD

Houston Chapter

Edwin Aguilar, CPD
Laura (Lori) Hernandez,  CPD
Kingki Kei, CPD

Intermountain Chapter

Brian Jay Grisenti, PE, CPD
Brad Mathews, CPD
Juan Carlos Resendiz, CPD

Kansas City Chapter

Jacob Allen Hamilton, PE, CPD
Matthew A. Jones, CPD

Los Angeles Chapter

Jason Chan, CPD
Randy Mora, CPD

Nashville Chapter

Jeff A. Reese, CPD

New Jersey Chapter

Rhiannon Colleen Long, CPD
Daniel Pacheco, CPD

New York City Chapter

Frank Vincent Ferrara, PE, CPD
Timothy Li, CPD
Richard Vincent Mascalino, CPD
Sean Mooney, CPD, LEED GA
Anibal Humberto Pena, CPD

Omaha Chapter

Abdallah Abubaker, PE, CPD
Lawrence Paul Cavanaugh, P.E., CPD
Sabino Lee Padilla, PE, LEED AP BD+C, CPD
Daniel C. Peters, CPD
Sanjay Sreekumar Pillai, CPD
Justin Porter Wells, CPD

Overseas Chapter

Humberto Farina, CPD

Philadelphia Chapter

Eric Gregory Knight, CPD
Natan Segal, CPD
Jeffrey Peter Shanley, PE, CPD
Daniel Smith, CPD

Pittsburgh Chapter

Wasim Saliby, CPD

Portland Chapter

Kenneth Reid Anderson, CPD
Garett Connell, CPD

Raleigh Chapter

Fred Josey, CPD

Raleigh Chapter

Michael Telka, PE, CPD

Richmond Chapter

Gray Lawson, PE, CPD

San Diego Chapter

David Shadpour, PE, LEEP AP, CPD
Timothy Richard Steele, CPD

Seattle Chapter

Phillip Michael Bauer, CPD
Heather Leighanne Hardie-Hill, CPD, LEED AP
Dustin E.M. Johnson, CPD
Ted Murphy, PE, CPD
Joseph Edward Schumacher, CPD

South Florida Chapter

Gregory Quintana, CPD

St. Louis Chapter

Robert Curtis Bockenstette, CPD
GorDon Patterson, CPD

Virginia Blue Ridge Chapter

Joshua Benjamin Rose, PE, CPD

Washington, D.C. Chapter

Mahallani C. Bandong, CPD
Ronald J. Heredia, CPD
Ameen Osman, CPD
Andrew Cornelius Sorensen, EIT, CPD
Luis Abraham Heredia Villanueva, CPD

West Coast Florida Chapter

Scott Phillip Whitney, CPD

Western Michigan Chapter

Nathaniel Huebner, CPD
Isaac John Kuiper, CPD
Jeffrey C. Werle, CPD

Wisconsin Chapter

Adam James Penzenstadler, CPD
Zach Sopata, CPD


Brittinie Y. Williams, CPD


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