May 2022 From the President’s Pen: It’s Region Meeting Time!

It is the afternoon of the Board call for May 11, 2022. The call will be from 7:30–9:00 p.m. Central (depending on agenda items and the need for discussion). The main items we will be discussing are the upcoming Region Meetings as well as activity at the Chapter level and the Society level. Then, at the end of the night, a reminder that Board applications are due—everyone should get them filled out and submitted. In the middle, though, Region 5 provided some very interesting data.

I have provided the above snippet to help answer many questions I have been asked about the responsibilities of a Society Board member. We participate in monthly calls, monthly tasks, quarterly meetings, the Convention/Symposium, leadership calls, committee meetings, reports, etc. As President, I receive emails and calls frequently, and I must dedicate time to both. Committee leadership and member outreach also take time and care. However, this commitment of time is amazing. It is all worth it. It is such a great honor to work for our members.

Chapters are looking for volunteers as well. You should read Jason McDonald’s article. It is a great time for you to contribute and grow in your career.

Interesting Survey: ASPE the Leader

We received some interesting feedback from a survey in Region 5. The message we are hearing is that ASPE is the leader in the plumbing industry. The message we are receiving is that this is a driving decision-maker for our members. Another key item is that plumbing is valued by our employers. ASPE helps open doors and helps employees with their careers. These are great messages to hear! Thank you Region 5 and Region Director Bryan Hutton, CPD, for the survey.

2022 Region Meetings

This year’s Region Meetings are upon us. These are crucial meetings for our Chapter leaders. They are the best way to get new ideas and help the Society know what is happening in your area. The future leaders of ASPE sit in those meetings. A Region Meeting is our best time to listen, understand, share, and grow as leaders. A Board member and a Staff member will be there to listen, understand, and help support our Chapters. ASPE is evolving, and we have an ability that some associations do not. We have size that allows us to make decisions and act on those decisions quickly. Let’s listen and build ASPE.

The 2022 Region Meetings will be held June 3–5 in the following locations:

  • Region 1: Philadelphia; Host: Philadelphia Chapter; Region Director: Donald Keith, CPD, FASPE
  • Region 2: Pittsburgh; Host: Pittsburgh and Johnstown Chapters; Region Director: Steve J. Kormanik, CPD, GPD
  • Region 3: New Orleans; Host: New Orleans Chapter; Region Director: Curtis A. Ray Jr., CPD, FASPE
  • Region 4: Orange County; Host: Orange County Chapter; Region Director: Duane D. Lease, PE
  • Region 5: Minneapolis; Host: Minnesota Chapter; Region Director: Bryan Hutton

What is most important in ASPE is you, the member. It is your leadership that makes ASPE. As you follow your passion and run for a Society or Chapter Board position, this is a great time for ASPE to benefit and you to be part of something more!

We work together to keep ASPE on a path of strength. It is our responsibility to work for the betterment of our members and ASPE.

You are a steward in our Society. We can make a difference. Let’s all keep working passionately for this Society.

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