May 2021 New Society Members

Please help us welcome the following plumbing industry professionals who recently joined ASPE or changed Chapter affiliation.

Alabama Chapter

Joshua Keith Nelsaon
Justin Rutledge, PE

Atlanta Chapter

Kevin Harrison

Baltimore Chapter

Patrick Burke

British Columbia Chapter

Tyler Abraham Gamble
Brayden Mark Verhagen

Central Florida Chapter

Clemente Devrient

Central Indiana Chapter

Bocephus Thomas, PE

Central Ohio Chapter

Brooke Nicole Schroeder

Central Texas Chapter

Marcus Allen, PE
Luis Gerardo Gauna
Karen Sparks

Chicago Chapter

James David Jennings
Rob Thomm
Carlos Viramontes

Connecticut Chapter

Adrian Colin McIlveen, CPD
Nelson Carvalho Vieira, LEED AP

Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter

Erin Marie Hollingsworth
Mark Vargas

Denver Chapter

Matthew Bruce
Eric Nathan Paben

Eastern Michigan Chapter

Aaron Chase Sturos

Evansville Chapter

Troy Rolland Cummings, PE

Houston Chapter

Stephen M. Redding, PE

Kansas City Chapter

Scott Robben

Los Angeles Chapter

Soheila Bahadorinejad
Robert William Bowcock
Robert Toshiro Koba

Lubbock High Plains Chapter

Joe Grimes, PE

Minnesota Chapter

Loan T. Ngo

New York City Chapter

Joshua Robert Conway
Geoffrey A. Doubleday
Kevin J. Escarraman
Gage Nelson Littlefield
John P. Malescio, PE, CPD
John Mullen

Northern California Chapter

Tim D. Souza, PE

Oklahoma Chapter

Brian Allen
Steve Glock
Cary Pestel

Overseas Chapter

Nestor Sadile Coronel
Emmanuel Coco Sugira

Philadelphia Chapter

Jacob Caleb
Zachary Ryter, PE
Alexander Tyree

Phoenix Chapter

Leslie Michele Petty

Portland Chapter

Keith Wayne Miller, PE

Raleigh Chapter

Shawn Enrico Shearin

Rochester Chapter

Corey James Hoad
Theodore L. Sherwood, PE

San Diego Chapter

Audrey Gaspillo

San Francisco Chapter

Edward Reyes Tano

Seattle Chapter

Michael Gray
Kevin Conrad Jones
Parris Benne Talbert

South Florida Chapter

Alisher Radjabov

Southern Nevada Chapter

William Kevin Hunter

St. Louis Chapter

Caroline Elizabeth Boyle

Western Michigan Chapter

Mohamad Chamseddine

Wisconsin Chapter

Andrew J. Hackbarth, PE


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