Learn How to Lead Through Chaos

ASPE Young Professionals is presenting the one-hour webinar, Leading Through Chaos, on June 2 at 2 p.m. CDT.

Despite their efforts in strategizing, many companies today are still not prepared to deal with uncertainty in execution. Plans often do not go according to plan, resulting in confusion, distraction, and ineffective execution. This webinar will provide several solutions that leaders and managers can take back to their companies and assist them in improving performance and increasing overall employee engagement, despite the chaos they may be facing. The goal is to help you mitigate unnecessary errors in execution, so you can better drive strategy from the bottom-up, even during times of uncertainty.

During this webinar, the presenter will help you:

  • Identify two models of strategy and the implications to leader performance.
  • Examine the concept of mental capacity and the need for essentials when communicating, planning, and leading the team under stress.
  • Understand the need to connect language directly to strategy and to grant initiative.
  • Examine the influence of behaviors on leadership under times of chaos.

Registration is open at ASPE Education. This webinar is free for members and $130 for nonmembers. CEUs will not be awarded.


Kevin Black, MA, MBA, is a veteran U.S. Army officer and seasoned entrepreneur, nationally recognized for learning and development services in leadership and strategy. He works with clients across a variety of industries, from startups to public companies such as LifeLock, Medtronic, and McKesson. Overall, he has helped create more than $500 million of value. A member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Kevin writes on issues dealing with leadership and strategy. He is the author of the upcoming book, Managing Chaos: The Emergent Leader, scheduled for Fall 2020.

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