June 2022 Great Lakes Region 2 News

Here we are in the midst of summer, taking on the tasks to close out the 2021–2022 fiscal year for ASPE and the Chapters. This is the time of attending Region Meetings, completing Annual Reports, and documenting the year’s financial report. In many cases, it also is the time of reorganizing of Chapter leadership with new and familiar personnel to develop a new vision, program, and goals for the Chapter, Region, and Society. This is not the time to procrastinate, delay, or take a holiday with Chapter business. We need every Chapter to complete and submit their Annual Reports by June 30 and the Financial Report by July 15 so the Region Directors and Society Board can review and approve each Chapter. It is necessary for this to be accomplished in a timely manner for Chapters to be rechartered, be eligible for the Award of Merit, and receive travel allowances for the upcoming Business Meeting.

We had an amazing Region 2 Meeting in Pittsburgh, hosted by the Pittsburgh and Johnstown Chapters. It was my first opportunity to manage an in-person Region Meeting, and it went better than I ever could have imagined. All 12 Region 2 Chapters were represented, plus a representative from Kentucky with interest in starting a Satellite Chapter of the Southwestern Ohio Chapter. It was a diverse group of first-time representatives and experienced veterans in attendance that generated great discussions, questions, ideas, and proposed resolutions on a variety of topics. I will be submitting the meeting minutes as well as a summary of the ideas, issues, and suggestions to the Board of Directors at our upcoming meeting.

The attendees were greeted to Pittsburgh with scenic city views, superb weather of clear-blue sunny skies, and an arts festival on the nearby Clemente Bridge. After a welcoming social hour at the hotel lounge, we were escorted across the street to the most picturesque PNC Ballpark where the left-field pavilion was reserved for our group with food and beverages of plenty. It was an exciting game even though the home team Pirates fell short of a win. That was not the end to the evening, as the fans were treated to an amazing drone laser light extravaganza in the night sky. It was a one-of-a-kind spectacular show that surely rivaled many fireworks shows. We cannot thank or appreciate our great local affiliates and engineering companies enough for sponsoring this successful ASPE Region 2 event.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon at the 2022 ASPE Convention & Expo in Indianapolis this September. Make your plans and reservations early.

Again, I ask you all to please complete your Chapter reports as soon as possible and make sure they are completely filled out with the appropriate signatures.

Thank you all for participating, supporting, and contributing to ASPE!

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