January 2023 Membership Matters: Fresh and Ready to Roll—Volunteering with ASPE

With a New Year and a new Board of Directors comes renewed committees and renewed opportunities to volunteer with ASPE. If you are an ASPE member and want to participate at an additional level to simply attending your Chapter meetings, please give a look at ASPE’s “How to Become an ASPE Volunteer” brochure, which can be found here: aspe.org/wp-content/uploads/aspe_volunteer.pdf.

You can see a list of ASPE’s Standing, Special, and Sub-Committees with a very brief description of each here: aspe.org/membership-global-community/committees. If you want a more complete definition of these committees, you can take a look at the ASPE Policy & Operations Manual (aka the P&O Manual) in the Members Only section of aspe.org. You’ll have to be logged in to access it!

If you have any questions about committees or volunteering, you are very welcome to contact ASPE staff. I’ll bet if you asked any Society Officer, they would be happy to help you as well. If you want to get more involved on the Chapter level only, please reach out to your own Chapter’s Board of Directors. If you don’t know who to contact, you can find that information here: aspe.org/membership-global-community/chapters. Just click until you find your Chapter!

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