January 2022 New Society Members

Please help us welcome the following plumbing industry professionals who recently joined ASPE or changed Chapter affiliation.

Atlanta Chapter

Jared Zachary Johnson
Keith A. Karmilovich
David Brian Weiss

Baltimore Chapter

William Dargan

British Columbia Chapter

Suyog Sunil Likhite
Benjamin Grant Sleivert
Alexander Sroba
Sangsu Yun
Mehrdad Zabihi

Central Indiana Chapter

Mark Fasel

Central Ohio Chapter

Thomas E. Deberson
Alex G. Trombold

Central Texas Chapter

Matt Lee
Jeremy Smith, PE

Charlotte Chapter

Joshua M. Stokes

Chicago Chapter

James Robert Bloodworth
David Bogot
Gordon Tai

Cleveland Chapter

Ned Eric Dickey
Rick Allen Fluharty

Columbia Chapter

Dolphus Robert Boodle

Connecticut Chapter

Kyle Ngo Nguyen
Peter Winslow

Eastern Michigan Chapter

Kevin Thomas Lambert, PE

Houston Chapter

Dalton Layne Campbell
Kevin Len Henderson

Kansas City Chapter

Daniel James Kuhlmann
Todd Wicker, PE

Los Angeles Chapter

Adam Michael Cadena
Larry Lopez Encarnacion
Joseph David Norris
Kourosh Tazehdel, PE

Member at Large

David Braidich, PE

Minnesota Chapter

Andrew Scott Rynda

New Jersey Chapter

Jerry Gonzales
Kevin Ishmael

New Orleans Chapter

Cory Giammolva

New York City Chapter

David Dellon
Stephen Terry Murphy
Aristotle Labiaga, LEED AP
Alexey Pislegin

Omaha Chapter

Alicia R. Clark, PE
Mark Allen Iossi
Daniel James Kuhlmann

Overseas Chapter

Divine Grace Novesteras Olores

Philadelphia Chapter

Jon Zevin

Phoenix Chapter

Anthony Allen Lewis

Pittsburgh Chapter

Michael Coyne
Patrick Michael Davoli
Scott Fitzgerald

Raleigh Chapter

Adam Rosemond

Richmond Chapter

Amy Lynn Coleman, CPD

San Diego Chapter

Erik Almoyan

San Francisco Chapter

John Hill Gardner III
Bryan Hayes

Seattle Chapter

Christopher Ryan Cleary
Natalie Marie Thrower, PE

South Florida Chapter

Will R. Hidalgo
Roderick Lacroix
Alejandro Jesus Perez

Southwestern Ohio Chapter

Tony L. DeNiro
Michael Ryan Moll, PE

Washington, D.C., Chapter

Chad Novinger

Western Michigan Chapter

Paul James Muller

Wisconsin Chapter

Ryan Jon Lippert
Carl Richard Mett
Denise Marie Weber


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