Introducing the Expanded Family of Wilo-FA Submersible Sewage Pumps

Wilo-FAWILO USA LLC, a subsidiary of WILO SE, is pleased to introduce the expanded family of Wilo-FA submersible sewage pumps, an improved hydraulic design that efficiently pumps solids-bearing fluids such as wastewater, without concern for clogging.

The Wilo-FA line expansion brings best-in-class performance with higher, sustained efficiencies across the entire operating range, characterized by high specific speed in the range of Ns 4,000 to 5,000. This highly optimized product was developed using advanced CFD and FEA technology. For applications where higher flows and lower heads are required, this design offers lower cost and smaller footprint versus larger pumps with trimmed-down impellers.

Featuring a 2-bladed mixed-flow impeller design optimized for solids handling, it is available with the choice of a suction bell for wet pit or a flanged nozzle for dry pit applications.

Source: Wilo

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