International Code Council Bolsters Expertise to Support Communities Seeking Energy and Resilience Grants

The International Code Council, in collaboration with the NMR group, Performance Systems Development, and Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, announces the formation of the Strategic Energy Code Implementation Team (SECIT). The SECIT, a multi-functional project team of leading energy experts with specialized building energy code knowledge, will support state and local governments seeking competitive grant funding made available under the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) $225 million Resilient and Efficient Codes Implementation (RECI) program.

The goals of the SECIT expand the Code Council’s suite of resources to help communities access federal funding for the implementation of building codes. Through the RECI program, the SECIT will collaborate with jurisdictions to develop competitive applications that include well-established approaches and innovative strategies for realizing the benefits of energy code implementation and enforcement. The SECIT is strategically positioned to help communities facilitate energy code development, implementation, compliance, technical assistance, as well as other eligible energy code activities.

Leading the efforts of the SECIT, the Code Council welcomes Stella Carr as the Energy and Resiliency Project Manager. In this role, Carr will assist state, local, tribal, and territorial governments and other partners to successfully identify, develop, and implement grant-funded programs that support the adoption and implementation of energy and resilience codes. Through Code Council and other industry leader resources, Carr will develop packages of existing and new offerings that position communities to qualify for grant funding and advance energy savings, particularly through DOE, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Carr brings experience from across the public and private sectors with sustainability and grant management expertise in local government. Prior to joining the Code Council, Carr aided organizations in deploying strategic initiatives and helping communities implement priority-based budgeting. She also served as the Sustainability Director for the Town of Lexington, Massachusetts. A graduate of Northern Arizona University, Carr has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sustainability and Global Studies, as well as a master’s degree in Public Administration from the Arizona State University School of Public Affairs.

“We are pleased to welcome Stella Carr to the Code Council team,” said Code Council Senior Vice President of Government Relations Gabe Maser. “The U.S. government is preparing to give out an unprecedented amount of federal dollars to support code officials and the construction industry. Stella’s expertise and insight with innovative funding initiatives will help our members navigate the grant processes—an essential component of ensuring these resources get to the communities that need them the most.”

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Source: International Code Council

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