International Code Council and Interstate Renewable Energy Council Release ESS Guide

Energy Storage Systems Based on the IBC, IFC, IRC, and NECThe International Code Council, in collaboration with the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), has released a new guide, Energy Storage Systems: Based on the IBC, IFC, IRC and NEC, which is now available on IREC’s Clean Energy Clearinghouse. The guide was developed with the help of building officials, emergency services, planners, architects, and engineers to safely plan, design, build, and permit energy storage systems (ESS) in the built environment.

The guide will serve as a reference to a variety of ESS technologies including:

  • Utility-scale and large commercial-scale ESS projects
  • Residential and small commercial-scale ESS projects
  • Fire and explosion risk in battery-based ESS
  • Key standards for ESS equipment and installations
  • Applicable codes
  • Reviewing and inspecting techniques for ESS

Printable checklists for document reviews and inspections are also included. The guide is available as a free PDF download or can be purchased in print. The Code Council will also make the guide available with an ICC Digital Codes Premium Singles or Premium Complete subscription.

“The Code Council is committed to delivering tools communities need to support the safe and effective use of distributed energy resources,” said Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO. “This guide is a critical resource that combines the knowledge of energy and code experts to help successfully implement ESS technologies. We look forward to our continued work with IREC to expand efforts to both advance and strengthen energy efficiency goals around the world.”

The Code Council partners with leading industry organizations like IREC and other EMPOWERED partners to ensure that code officials and other stakeholders have access to relevant and vetted resources through IREC’s Clean Energy Clearinghouse. The clearinghouse offers free access to educational resources, monthly EMPOWERED Solutions webinars, and CEU-bearing courses for stakeholders in the clean energy sector. Available resources provide individuals with up-to-date information and training related to existing and emerging technologies to help improve the built environment and advance career growth.

Source: International Code Council

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