Industry Review Announced for CSA Group Fuels and Appliances Standards

CSA Group seeks industry review on proposed revisions to ANSI Z21.40.4: Harmonized Standard for Performance Testing and Rating of Gas-Fired, Air-Conditioning and Heat Pumping Appliances. This standard includes ANSI Z21.40.4 Appendix A: Methods of Determining Efficiency Ratings and Operating Costs of Gas-Fired Heat Pumps for Space-Conditioning Performance.

This standard establishes methods of testing and rating for constant-volume and/or variable refrigerant-flow gas-fired heat pumps for space-conditioning performance. The procedures apply to factory-made, space-conditioning, unitary heat pumps that utilize gas as the primary fuel. This includes engine-driven heat pumps, absorption-cycle heat pumps, desiccant-type heat pumps, and other gas-fired heat pumps. The heat source/sink for the heat pumps may be outdoor air, groundwater, or closed-loop water/brine. The heat pumps may provide the functions of year-round space conditioning either by direct heating and cooling of air or indirectly by the production of heated and chilled water.

This standard was prepared by the Joint Technical Subcommittee (TSC) on Standards for Automatic Gas Controls. All comments received will be compiled and presented to the TSC at its next meeting.

Source: CSA Group

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