IAPMO Makes UMC Tentative Interim Amendment Available for Public Comment

2021 Uniform Mechanical CodeIn accordance with the IAPMO Regulations Governing Committee Projects, IAPMO would like to announce that a Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) to the 2021 edition of the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC®) is being submitted for public comment.

UMC TIA 002-21 revises text in the 2021 edition of the UMC, Table 1701.1 (Referenced Standards), regarding an update to the UL 60335-2-89 standard. The comment form is located at codes.iapmo.org/docs/2021/UMC/TIA/Submit_Public_Comment_for_UMC_TIA_002-21.pdf.

IAPMO invites all interested parties to review the proposed TIA on the IAPMO website under Uniform Mechanical Code/Proposed TIAs and respond by filling out the comment form.

The deadline to submit comments is July 26.

Completed forms may be emailed to Zalmie Hussein, mechanical code development administrator, at [email protected].

Source: IAPMO

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