Hubbell Water Heaters Introduces the HydraWash Sanitization Pressure-Washing System

Hubbell Water Heaters’ HydraWash is the most complete electric water heater sanitization pressure-washing system available. The HydraWash system delivers high-pressure and high-temperature water in one turnkey package to deliver fast and effective cleaning and sanitization.

Hot water is a proven resource to help emulsify dirt, grease, and residue from surfaces, so the HydraWash system’s pairing of 140°F hot water and 2-gpm of 1,000-psi delivers the best results possible. The Hydrawash system offers total hot water temperature control, and the integrated tankless hot water heater ensures that the critical hot water supply needed in the kitchen for essential cooking equipment is never depleted.

HydraWash maximizes efficacy rates while saving precious resources, making it the most advanced cleaning system in the industry.

How It Works

Most cleaning processes begin with the delivery and application of sanitizing agents with low pressure or in foam form to reduce the risk of aerosolizing common pathogens found in a kitchen. After sufficient chemical contact time is complete, the HydraWash system impacts the surface with 2 gpm and 1,000 psi of 140°F hot water and easily rinses away harmful pathogens from the pores of any surface.

The tankless hot water heater included with the HydraWash system comes pre-set at 140°F to maximize the efficacy of breaking down grease and other residue. The addition of hot water to the cleaning process delivers the fastest and most effective results possible. To truly deep clean and sanitize kitchen floors, the Hubbell HydraWash system includes a 12-inch floor scrubber to power-wash floor surfaces and leave them looking spotless. The floor scrubber eliminates overspray and slides under equipment, making cleanup fast and easy.

Source: Hubbell Water Heaters

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