January 2021 From the Executive’s Desk: Having Resolve

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? How many times have we heard people speak about a list of items or maybe one really important item that they claim will be taken care of as part of their respective New Year’s resolution? In addition to hearing of all the New Year’s resolutions that will be accomplished, we’ve also heard so many times about those resolutions that never come to fruition. Why is that? Did the list become too long, too difficult to accomplish? If so, let’s set small goals, not a long list of large goals, and therefore give ourselves an opportunity to be successful. Each small success, followed by further small successes, can collaboratively add up to show a huge success for each of us during 2021.

Looking at the word resolution, in the noun form it is defined as “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” With that in mind, let’s set a resolution to work on our respective success during 2021. Begin in small increments and bring about accomplishment, therefore bringing the feeling of success.

How do we make one or multiple resolutions to accomplish goals or to show success over the next year? Well, I offer another term for consideration to help each of us do just that. Let’s look at the word resolve. In the noun form it is defined as “a firm determination to do something.”

Now that I’ve got your attention on setting resolutions and having resolve, I can share some items for you to consider as 2021 resolutions.

I’ll begin by asking an important question for the new year: Are you an ASPE member? If so, thank you for being an ASPE member, and we appreciate you for renewing your membership every year. Whether you are an ASPE member or you have resolved to join ASPE, I’ve provided a link where you can either renew or join as a member of ASPE:  aspe.org/membership-global-community/join.

As an ASPE member, you can set resolutions to become more involved in your local Chapter—or even multiple Chapters for that matter, as the link above will provide more information about our multi-Chapter membership opportunity and even a multiyear membership.

Other Membership Opportunities that Can Become Your Resolutions for the Year

  • Committees: ASPE committees are set up in different categories such as Standing, Special, Subcommittees, and Working Groups. I’m sure we have a committee that fits your desire for participation, and you can apply here: aspe.org/membership-global-community/committees/committee-form-upload.
  • Women of ASPE (WOA): The core mission of the Women of ASPE (WOA) is to engage, retain, and advance women in the plumbing design industry through education, leadership development, and networking opportunities. The WOA is committed to bringing women together and assisting them to achieve their professional and personal goals. Come get involved! This link will provide the information you need: aspe.org/membership-global-community/membership/special-interest-groups/women-of-aspe.
  • ASPE Young Professionals (AYP): The ASPE Young Professionals (AYP) special-interest group is designed for young industry professionals looking to meet with peers to share experiences, exchange ideas about the plumbing design industry, and network with other Chapter members. The focus of AYP is to help young plumbing engineers, design professionals, and practitioners establish contacts and further the mission of the Society. ASPE members 35 years old and younger are all included in this special-interest group. If this applies to you, you can learn how to get involved here: aspe.org/membership-global-community/membership/special-interest-groups/ayp.
  • ASPE Connect: ASPE’s newest member benefit! ASPE Connect is an online community where ASPE members can find answers to design questions, build relationships, share successes, brainstorm ideas, and get career advice. You can access ASPE Connect 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. Get answers to your most pressing questions. Build relationships with fellow professionals. You can also offer your advice and knowledge to other members. If you haven’t participated in ASPE Connect, you can begin by going to connect.aspe.org.
  • Mentoring: Engage in mentoring. Our ASPE Connect Mentor Match program reflects our commitment to our members’ professional development. This unique online networking and career development tool helps you find, connect, and share experiences with others. Your mentor or mentee can be in the same city or on the other side of the world. You can apply to our ASPE Connect Mentor Match program here: connect.aspe.org/aspe-mentor-match/mentoring.

As we move into the early stages of 2021, I hope this information has helped strengthen your resolve to follow through with a couple resolutions such as becoming more involved in ASPE or becoming an ASPE member.

ASPE is dedicated to increasing career opportunities for our members. Through our membership initiatives you will find a variety of ways to get involved in the industry and connect with fellow professionals.

So, let’s fulfill that first resolution of 2021 by getting more involved with ASPE or showing your resolve to take that step to join ASPE.

Happy New Year!

Stay healthy and safe!

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