GF Piping Systems Launches the HEAT-FIT Innovative Fire-Retardant Pipe Jacket System

GF Piping Systems HEAT-FITWith the launch of HEAT-FIT at Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami on April 26, 2022, GF Piping Systems brings lightweight, corrosion-free, and efficient thermoplastic piping systems to essential applications onboard. The company now offers complete solutions for the maritime industry—from potable water and HVAC installations all the way to the engine room.

The maritime industry is increasingly looking toward thermoplastic piping systems to meet more stringent sustainability targets due to their low weight, modern and long-lasting insulation techniques, and material properties that can make ships more efficient while simultaneously reducing costs. With the newly developed HEAT-FIT Jacket System, GF Piping Systems now offers a solution that introduces thermoplastic piping systems into essential applications (L3) onboard cruise ships, merchant vessels, and offshore platforms. L3 applications have especially high-security standards, including fire protection.

HEAT-FIT is compatible with the ecoFIT range of polyethylene pipes and fittings designed for industrial applications and water and wastewater treatment. The new pipe jacket system consists of two layers of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that enclose a high-temperature fiberglass fabric and an intumescent coating. Thanks to these proven materials, which are also used by the aerospace and building technology sectors, the ecoFIT pipes and fittings can now withstand fire with a temperature of up to 1000°C for 30 minutes at a pressure of 3 bar when combined with HEAT-FIT. In addition, HEAT-FIT is only 3,5 millimeters thick and can easily be installed without any specialized skills within minutes—and remain in service for many years. Therefore, customers can quickly and easily replace existing metal pipe networks with lightweight, corrosion-free, and efficient plastic alternatives that adhere to security standards such as the IMO Res. A753 fire endurance L3 Code, as well as IMO Res. A653 2010, FTP Code Part 5, and FTP Code Part 2.

Andreas Faude, Product Manager – Marine Applications at GF Piping Systems, sees HEAT-FIT as an important addition to the company’s product range. “We have successfully combined cutting-edge technology, cost-effectiveness, and usability to adapt thermoplastics for L3 applications onboard. Customers can now implement our plastic components throughout the entire ship, which means we can now offer complete solutions that simplify the planning and installation process.”

For Roberto Chiesa, Head of Business Development Marine at GF Piping Systems, the pipe jacket system is only the beginning of HEAT-FIT. “Looking towards the future, we want to evolve HEAT-FIT into a broader product line based on customer feedback. It is important to have a diverse product mix and offer the expertise that addresses the specific needs and challenges throughout the maritime industry.”

Source: GF Piping Systems

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