FlowGuard Gold Webinar Will Explain How to Specify Plastic Potable Water Systems

On November 10, FlowGuard Gold will present a one-hour webinar, “How to Specify Plastic Potable Water Systems,” at noon EST. In this live webinar, presenter Jonathan Simon will review the differences between plastic potable water systems and provide specifiers with the information they need to develop specification for plumbing systems that consistently perform as expected.

Topics will include:

  • Review of applicable standards for each material
  • Key considerations for optimizing flow rates for different materials
  • Temperature, pressure, and water condition limitations for different materials
  • Avoiding premature failure due to chemical incompatibility

It would be easier for specifiers if plastic plumbing systems all performed exactly the same, but that’s not the reality. Failing to account for the differences in plastic plumbing materials in the specification can result in a system that underperforms expectations and may fail prematurely. Register now to reserve your spot for this live informational webinar designed specifically for engineers and others desiring a deeper understanding of the distinct specification requirements of plastic piping systems.

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