CSA Group Offers Testing and Certification Services for Plumbing Fittings and Fixtures

CSA GroupDemand for smart-enabled plumbing devices, touchless faucets and toilets, enhanced sanitation materials, and low-flow products has grown exponentially. As the use of cutting-edge technology and modern materials increases, manufacturers must be confident that every plumbing system product entering the market meets the latest editions of applicable standards.

CSA Group offers a variety of testing and certification services for plumbing fixtures and fittings. In addition to both mechanical and electrical testing and certification for plumbing products with electrical features, CSA Group also offers drinking water quality and health effects evaluations (according to NSF/ANSI 61), technical training on plumbing standards, and cybersecurity assessments for plumbing products using the latest smart device technologies.

To help bring your products to market quickly and efficiently, CSA Group has a wide range of testing capabilities to make it possible for you to work with a single service provider that helps meet your evaluation needs. CSA Group uses a combination of testing and inspection techniques, such as lab testing, witness testing, physical inspections, and factory production process inspections to evaluate your product against applicable standards. Typically, the process includes the following steps:

  1. Application and submission of product information
  2. Product review/evaluation
  3. Product testing
  4. Initial factory inspection (IFE)
  5. Review of test results
  6. Product listing/certification
  7. Annual certification activities (conformity testing and inspections)

You can learn more about CSA Group’s plumbing testing and certification services at csagroup.org/plumbing. Reach out to Connor McCoy at [email protected] to discuss your upcoming project requirements.

Source: CSA Group

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