CSA Group Offers Testing and Certification Services for Drinking System and Water Treatment Products

Water is an essential life force on which we all rely. The manufacturers that help connect clean water to our workspaces and homes are just as important. Whether they are at point of entry or point of use, the plumbing products that carry potable water to the population must meet applicable standards. That is what CSA Group specializes in.

If you are a producer of plumbing products that are used to deliver drinking water—or that contain a filter, water softener, or reverse osmosis unit or use an ultraviolet disinfectant (UV) unit—you can trust CSA Group to test and certify that those items (faucets, valves, pipe, fittings, coatings, tanks, pumps, and more) are compliant with applicable standards. Their experienced certifiers and technicians are thought leaders in this category. CSA Group has been certifying drinking systems and water treatment products for more than 20 years. They have top-of-the-line materials testing capabilities not only in Toronto, but also internationally in Milan, Taiwan, and Guangzhou.

CSA Group offers a full range of certification services related to drinking systems and water treatment products. These include, but are not limited to, mechanical, electrical, HazLoc, full accreditation for IAS, SCC, ANSI/ANAB, and NA mark recognition. However you engage CSA Group, you are ensured top-tier technicians, experienced certifiers, a quick turnaround, quality results, and the convenience of locations from North America to Europe to Asia.

Learn more about CSA Group’s plumbing testing and certification services at csagroup.org/plumbing. Reach out to Connor McCoy at [email protected] to discuss your upcoming project requirements.

Source: CSA Group

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