CPD Exam Review Classes Are Being Held in February

Next year’s Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) exam will be held at testing sites around the world on March 30 – April 5, and registration is now open here. To help candidates prepare, we are holding CPD Review Classes in Phoenix on February 8-9 and Atlanta on February 22-23.

During these day-and-a-half events, the instructor will cover topics such as:

  • Q&A about the exam
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Review of the five domains (Gathering Information, Administration, Design, Specifications, and Construction Services)

The workshop includes a 15% coupon off a future ASPE bookstore purchase to stock up on your materials prior to the examination. This class is not a plumbing design 101 course, and it is not intended to teach students the material required for the exam.This class helps students learn how to study for the exam. Because there will be a high-level overview of the domains and content areas, this class will enable students to become aware of areas they need to focus their attention on leading up to the exam. In turn, this class will be helpful to students in their preparations for the exam.

You can register at education.aspe.org/CPDReviewClasses.

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