Committee Members Sought to Develop New Standard on Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks

The International Code Council (ICC), an ANSI-accredited standards developer, is seeking applicants to serve on the IS-STSC Technical Committee to produce a new standard, ICC 903/SRCC 500: Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks. This committee will have primary responsibility for developing a standard to safeguard the public health, safety, and general welfare through design, construction, and testing requirements for solar hot water storage tanks intended for use in solar water heating systems. This standard is intended to address these devices as components of solar water heating systems and is intended to be used in conjunction with the ICC 900/SRCC 300: Solar Water Heating System standard and the ICC model building codes. PINS for this proposed standard appeared in the December 25, 2020 edition of ANSI Standards Action (Volume 51, No. 52).

Since the project involves the development of a new standard, ICC staff will produce a seed document containing relevant provisions from the existing ICC 900/SRCC 300 standard and model codes published by ICC. This seed document will be released and serve as the basis for a subsequent Call for Proposals. All standard development activities will be conducted in accordance with ICC’s ANSI-approved Standard Development Policies and Procedures. These documents are available online at

ICC is accepting applications for members to serve on this committee. In accordance with ICC’s Consensus Procedures, the committee will be balanced among several Interest Categories. Applicants will be assigned to one of the following Interest Categories: Manufacturer, Builder, Standards Promulgator, User, Utility, Consumer, Public Segment, Insurance, and Government Regulator. A full description of the Interest Categories utilized in the ICC standard development process can be viewed online. Any stakeholder is welcome to apply and ICC membership is not required. Appointments to the IS-STSC will made by the ICC Board of Directors. The following acronym should be used to identify the specific on the application form: IS-STSC. The application can be found here.

The IS-STSC is not a standing committee; therefore, previous members of the committee who are interested in joining for the current project must reapply.

Travel is not anticipated since meetings are to be held online and via conference calls. In the unlikely event that an in-person meeting is scheduled, Government Regulator members are authorized to travel at ICC’s expense when participating at ICC Consensus Committee meetings. All others are responsible for funding their participation on this committee.

The application deadline is September 30, 2021.

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