CIPH Announces the Creation of an Online Generic Product Knowledge Training Program

The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) Board of Directors, as part of its recent long-range plan, has announced that it will work with CVC agency to write and produce an online industry eLearning tool of choice for a new generation of plumbing and heating industry professionals. The CIPH content will appeal to a broad range of end users using the latest digital eLearning tools, graphics animation, and video, available on multiple platforms. The CIPH program will become the industry standard for learning and education within the industry.

With CIPH member companies’ input, CIPH will develop generic product knowledge in both official languages (English and French).

Target Market

The program will appeal to novice and seasoned professionals in the North American plumbing industry, including wholesalers, manufacturers and their agents’ personnel, designers, engineers, technicians, architects, plumbing apprentices and contractors, kitchen and bath sales personnel, industrial distributors, salespeople, hardware dealers, and other professionals who need to understand a variety of plumbing systems and components.


The online program will become the industry standard for learning and education and be easy to use on multiple devices. The program will also be used as an ongoing reference guide to quick on-the-job information often needed. Content will be updated to allow end users to integrate plumbing product information and understand the functioning of a comprehensive array of plumbing products both commercial and residential.

The launch date is anticipated for first-quarter 2023, with work already underway.

For more information, contact Kathy Boonman [email protected].

Source: Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating

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