Caleffi Hires Hicks, Cholka to Support the Company’s Exponential Growth

Jacob Hicks and Pat CholkaAn industry leader in innovative plumbing and hydronic technology and products, Caleffi North America Inc. announces the hire of two employees in the support of the company’s exponential growth. Jacob Hicks, Product Manager, will drive market research and new product introductions, and Pat Cholka, Quality Manager, will focus on ensuring superior caliber products upon which customers have come to depend.

Graduating summa cum laude from Northern Illinois University at Dekalb in 2017, Hicks has been driven to excel. His natural technical abilities coupled with a thirst for knowledge have fueled his passion for product management. He is a solution-finder with a keen eye on solving customer quandaries. States Hicks, “Caleffi has a rich history in developing and releasing industry impacting products, a commitment to educational excellence, and the encouragement of employee success. It was a simple choice to join the growing company, a decision that I couldn’t be happier with.” Hicks reports to Kevin Freidt, Director of Product Management and Technical Services.

For 25 years Cholka has invested and refined his skill in the management of quality systems and procedures for the production of superior product performance, supplier conformance, and ISO 9001 compliance. Cholka has a deep appreciation for industry relationships, reflecting an important symmetry with Caleffi.  “Quality reaches further than product conformity. It also focuses on supply chain relationships. Without the cultivation of relationship, you cannot be successful,” stated Cholka. He reports to Mike Schreiner, Chief Technology Officer.

To learn more about Caleffi employment opportunities, contact (414) 238-2360 or [email protected].

Source: Caleffi

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