August 2022 From the President’s Pen: The 2022 ASPE Convention & Expo Is Almost Here!

August is here, and September is next! The 2022 ASPE Convention & Expo is right around the corner. Perspective means everything, and ASPE has a lot to offer. Designers, owners, contractors, manufacturers, and manufacturer reps: it is a great time to be a member.

Our Convention & Expo in Indianapolis on September 16–21 opens with the Board of Directors meeting, committee meetings, and the Business Meeting, and then moves into education sessions and a great product Expo. All indicators point to it being our most successful event. Registration numbers are rivaling our biggest shows, which is super, and also are reflecting what we saw in attendance at the San Diego Tech Symposium last year.

Back to What ASPE Has to Offer and Perspective

We’ve all heard many new catch phrases in the last couple years, such as “the great resignation,” “the online impact,” and “work from home.” Where are we as a nation of industry? I don’t think anyone has that crystal ball. We are “somewhere between where we were and where we are going to be.” What we are hearing from our engineer/designer members is a need for education and CEUs and an interest in face-to-face meetings. What are we seeing from the manufacturers and manufacturer reps is an interest in relationship building and in-person interaction, which, by the way, is what we also are seeing from our contractor members. What we see from the owner perspective is a desire for member benefits, education, and relationship building for their employees.

How do we make our biggest event work for everyone? We provide a huge platform specifically for our industry:

  • 30 educational sessions, all offering CEUs
  • The latest plumbing design technologies, services, and products
  • Thousands of plumbing industry professionals in person
  • 250+ exhibitors on the show floor
  • ASPE committee meetings
  • ASPE Business Meeting

Make ASPE 2022 Your Next Techno-Quest

The Technical Education Program will be held for full registrants on September 20–21. The Education Committee works hard to provide the best educational topics for our attendees. This year they had a huge challenge with a record number of submissions, which means that many of the topics are new. The six educational tracks are:

  • Codes & Standards/Water Quality
  • System Design
  • Sustainability
  • Specialty Design
  • Fire Protection, Life Safety & More
  • Healthcare

I am thrilled with our educational offerings. ASPE is the only association providing face-to-face plumbing information directly to you: code changes, hot water return systems, physical water conditioning, lab water design, disaster and contamination decisions, medical gas design pitfalls, and more—I ask where else can you learn about all of these in one event? Your only answer is an ASPE event. I speak to the employer and the designer with that question. What makes you a better employee? That answer is KNOWLEDGE. Here is a link to the full lineup:

ASPE Does Not Fall Short on Event Activities Either

We have the ASPE Keynote & Breakfast Awards Ceremony on September 19. The keynote speaker will be retired Air Force Colonel and decorated fighter pilot, Chris Stricklin. Chris has a story of inspiration that all will enjoy.

We also have ASPE’s Sunday Night Party presented by NIBCO Inc. on September 18. If you have ever attended an ASPE Sunday Night Party, you know it can be quite the experience. The Crane Bay Event Center will be the location, and it will be a fun night of music, drinks, food, dancing, and fun.


The 2022 ASPE Expo will be held on September 19–20. Enough cannot be said for our manufacturers and our reps. We have an amazing group of industry leaders. Their support is exceptional. To each and every exhibitor, we want you to have the best experience. Our engineers and designers appreciate your efforts and the access to your information in one location.

We also thank our generous sponsors for their additional support. Members, give your supporters a shoutout. You can find them here:

We are feverishly planning to make this event the best, right down to every little detail. We still have plenty to do, and sometimes it is the smallest thing that makes the most difference. As we head into the 2022 ASPE Convention & Expo, we are excited and thrilled to be working for everyone. ASPE is the voice of this industry.

It’s Time to Get Back to Business

The 2022 Business Meeting is ahead of us. Thank you to everyone who is running for a Board of Directors position for your dedication and commitment to this Society. Chapter Delegates, be sure to review the applications as well as the proposed Bylaws amendments and make a plan. This is your time to share and do the business of this Society.

Many items are up for discussion this year. Review the Delegate materials and learn about your next Board members. There is no time like the present!

To all of the Delegates, thank you for your dedication to ASPE. I consider each one of you AMAZING. Thank you so much for your support of ASPE and each other. At the end of the day, ASPE is one huge family and collectively the voice of the industry.

I’ll see you all in Indy!

Be the leader. Your commitment to each other makes ASPE amazing.

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