August 2021 From the Executive’s Desk: The Power of Education

Following my recent theme for my “From the Executive’s Desk” column, which is to focus on different areas of specific benefits to being an ASPE member, this column will be focused specifically on education and what ASPE has to offer you by being and maintaining your membership. So, let’s begin by refreshing your memory on some recent columns: “Where Do You Place Your Value?” “It’s Your Membership. Make the Most of It,” and “Career Advancement Through Continuing Education.” In this column, titled “The Power of Education,” I want to reveal some of the educational opportunities that will help empower our members while advancing their respective skills through continued knowledge growth.

ASPE Education

With that, welcome to ASPE Education, a great place to build your knowledge base and skills at your pace. We welcome you to enter our online portal for knowledge sharing, skills enhancements, and much more. You may ask, “Just what is ASPE Education?” Well, that is easy. For you, ASPE Education is what you want it to be. ASPE Education allows you to set it up to best serve you, the ASPE member. So, again, welcome to ASPE Education!

On ASPE Education, you have a convenient tool called My Dashboard where you will see all of the products you registered for or purchased. They are easy to access and view at any time. My Dashboard also houses your personal transcript/achievements, where you will find CEU issuances from ASPE and can upload copies of externally issued certificates.

While visiting ASPE Education, you have the opportunity to research products like our On-Demand Webinars, Upcoming Webinars and Workshops, and Read, Learn, Earn. The On-Demand Webinars portal allows you to gain access to a multitude of webinars to aid in growing your knowledge base in your chosen career path. Within the Upcoming Webinars and Workshops portal, you will have the ability to register for all upcoming events such as ASPE Chapter-sponsored Zoom technical meetings, ASPE webinars, and regional workshops scheduled around the country.

Then there is the Read, Learn, Earn portal, which provides a monthly 12-question quiz with an accompanying chapter from one of our publications. Each quiz is available for 13 months, and they are free for ASPE members. Through this special series, ASPE can help you accumulate the CEUs required for the Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD), Certified Plumbing Design Technician (CPDT), or numerous regulatory-agency CE programs. The easiest way to participate is to enroll in notifications to find out when the newest RLE article is available for download.

Chapter Meeting and ASPE Webinar Tips

All Society-hosted webinars and virtual Chapter meetings are launched via ASPE Education, which tracks meeting attendance and awards attendees CEUs if applicable.

Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access products. Do not use Internet Explorer. Use the link provided to you after you register and not any other Zoom or meeting link. On each product page you can find the online program and subsequent program evaluation to earn CEUs (if applicable) in the Contents tab.

If you haven’t used ASPE Education before, click on Sign In to get started. Your username and password are the same as those on In fact, if you are signed in to, your username and password will be automatically populated on ASPE Education when you click on Sign In.

I hope you’ve learned more about the value of ASPE Education and how it can help you advance as an ASPE member both individually and professionally.

2021 ASPE Tech Symposium

In a column about education, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the 2021 ASPE Tech Symposium, which is being held next month in San Diego. The Technical Education Program contains 40 sessions on varying plumbing design topics, all of which offer CEUs. I challenge you to find better education for plumbing engineers and designers all in one place! The standard registration fee ends at the end of August, so register soon to join us on September 22–26.

In closing, as an ASPE member or a prospective member, I hope you will plan to continue your respective growth in this Society, the industry, and your company by gaining crucial education, which is most important to sustaining your career and the industry.

Thanks for allowing me the time to visit with you today through my column “From the Executive’s Desk” on ASPE Pipeline. Thanks for your willingness to give your time and talents to our great Society.

Stay healthy and safe!

Carry on…

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