ASPE Tables App for Mac and Windows Is Now Available

ASPE’s popular Plumbing Engineering & Design Tables App offers in one convenient place all of the equations, pipe sizing data, and background information that plumbing system designers need to successfully complete design and installation projects on a daily basis. It now is available for download in both Mac and Windows desktop versions at

The information contained in this app was taken from a 2,500-page handbook, making it the most comprehensive plumbing system sizing tool available. Instead of lugging around a book or typing information into an Excel spreadsheet, the Plumbing Engineering & Design Tables App provides all of the data needed at your fingertips. The app’s interactive design tables allow users to choose the appropriate pipe material and other design criteria, and the sizing data appears instantly in either SI or English units. Users can quickly and conveniently calculate pipe flow rates and velocities, friction loss, pressure loss, and stack flow rates.

The app includes applicable data and information from the major plumbing codes and standards used throughout the United States, including the International Plumbing Code (IPC), Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), and National Standard Plumbing Code. The design tables cover all of the formulas and equations commonly used in plumbing system design projects, including:

  • Manning formula
  • Hazen-Williams equation
  • Darcy-Weisbach equation
  • Bernoulli’s equation
  • Boyle’s law
  • Joukowsky equation
  • Colebrook equation
  • Spitzglass equation
  • Hunter’s curve

In the design tables, the available piping material options include ABS, cast iron, PVC, CPVC, PEX, polyethylene (PE), stainless steel, and copper. The plumbing systems covered are:

  • Domestic hot and cold water distribution systems
  • Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas systems
  • Venting systems
  • Building drainage systems
  • Storm drainage systems
  • Vacuum systems

In addition to pipe sizing data, the app also provides:

  • Drainage fixture unit (DFU) values for the major model plumbing codes
  • Typical resistance coefficients for valves and fittings
  • Water supply fixture units (WSFU)
  • Surface roughness coefficient (C) values for various types of pipe
  • Typical hot water temperatures for plumbing fixtures and equipment
  • Building occupant demographic classifications
  • Hot water demand per fixture for various types of buildings
  • Gallons (liters) of water per hour per fixture
  • scfm to acfm conversions
  • Basic vacuum pressure measurements
  • Conversions from torr to various vacuum pressure units
  • IP and SI pressure conversions
  • Barometric pressures corresponding to altitude
  • Factors for flow rate reduction due to altitude
  • Physical and combustion properties of commonly available fuel gases
  • Average physical properties of natural gas and propane
  • Approximate gas demand for common appliances
  • Specific gravity of a variety of gases
  • Fractions, decimal equivalents, and millimeter equivalents
  • Temperature equivalencies

The full version of the Plumbing Engineering & Design Tables App is available only to members of ASPE. However, numerous features are unlocked for nonmembers to use. We invite you to explore these features and then visit to join and take advantage of all of the career benefits ASPE has to offer.

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