New Technologies in Clean Agents

 2013 ASPE Webinar Series

New Technologies in Clean Agents

Original Air Date: April 17, 2013

One of the challenges in fire protection is providing proper suppression systems in sensitive areas with high dollar equipment or irreplaceable artifacts. For years clean agent systems and early detection has been a large part of this solution. However, as the areas we are protecting become more challenging due to unique designs we need to turn to new technologies that outperform the current mindset. Items that play an important role in providing optimal solutions for these difficult applications include:

  • Location of cylinders
  • Pipe sizing
  • Multi zone systems

In this presentation we will explore advancements in higher pressure Novec 1230 and FM200 systems. We will review new cutting edge technologies that will allow for selector valve systems never before done with certain chemical agents. This discussion will help us to understand the advantages of these new technologies.


The Presenter: Todd Stevens, SET, CFPS

Todd Stevens, SET, CFPS, is a Sales Manager for the Eastern Region at Minimax USA LLC, a global leader in fire protection for more than 100 years. His responsibilities include working directly with certified distributors of Minimax products and systems, providing sales and technical support and systems training for all new distributors. His product knowledge includes a variety of clean agent systems, industrial fire detection, air sampling, and unique data cabinet fire protection systems. He also works with specifying architects, engineers, industry groups, and AHJs to increase technical knowledge of Minimax products. Todd is NICET IV certified in Water-Based Systems Layout and NICET I in Special Hazard Suppression Systems. He is active in NFPA, FSSA, and SFPE.


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