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Here are some common questions we receive about the ASPE Certificate Generator Program.

What is the use of this program? What are the benefits?

  • This FREE tool is for ASPE Chapters to be able to efficiently and easily issue certificates of attendance for their meetings. The attendee and the chapter officer receive an email with a certificate as a PDF after sending the certificate.
  • This program allows chapters to issue certificates of attendance in your chapter meetings. This does not guarantee that local states accept your chapter's meeting for PE license renewal. Please consult with your local state to determine this.

What is my chapter's password?

  • This is NOT your aspe.org account password. This is a password that was generated for you and can be shared amongst other chapter officers. Contact us if you've misplaced this. The password is specific to the certificate generator portal.

Our chapter is unable to secure a presenter for a meeting or the presenter is unable to speak last minute. Can we use a webinar from the ASPE archives and still issue CEUs to attendees? 

  • Yes! Visit our webinar archives after logging in and select from there. Then submit the meeting as normal once you've chosen the webinar you wish to use. There is no additional fee on top of the webinar cost to the chapter to do this.

How long does it take to see the meeting title to appear in our chapter's section?

  • It can take up to 10 business days. Once you've received an email from ASPE stating that it's been entered into your chapter's portal you are free to issue certificates as soon as your time allows.

Who can issue certificates?

  • Any chapter officer can access the portal to issue them once you've submitted a meeting. The officer simply needs your chapter's password.

Can our chapter use this tool for our product show or technical conferences? 

  • Yes! Just submit the meetings one by one.


Let us know what questions you may have by emailing us at education at aspe dot org.

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