CPDT Exam Information


CPDT Exam Information


Thank you for your interest in the CPDT Examination. The exam is a 3.5-hour, 100-question multiple choice examination held annually in the fall. 

Read more about the exam the in the candidate bulletin.

To be eligible to take the CPDT Examination, a candidate must possess one of the following:

  • Bachelor degree in engineering with 1 year experience designing plumbing systems
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a field related to engineering (physics, mathematics, architecture, civil, environmental studies, construction, HVAC, etc.) and a minimum of two years of experience designing plumbing systems
  • 4 years minimum of plumbing design experience

ASPE Members who are in the Full or Associate member categories are automatically eligible to sit for the examination. To inquire if you'd be eligible fill out the eligibility form to notify the Credentialing Committee.

Read more on the following pages to find more information about the CPDT Examination:

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