membership value and benefit

  • ASPE Report (in Plumbing Engineer magazine)
  • Biweekly ASPE Pipeline
  • Members-only ASPEnet access (includes access to ASPE PEDH chapters)
  • Publication and education program discounts
  • ASPE Biennial CONVENTION AND EXPO (even years)
  • ASPE Biennial Technical Symposium (odd years)
  • Technical seminars and workshops
  • Access to earn continuing education units (CEUs)
  • Technical books and manuals (specific to the profession of plumbing engineering)
  • Professional certification / recertification
  • Continuing education opportunities in Plumbing Engineer magazine
  • Alfred Steele Scholarship Program
  • Local chapter affiliation
  • Monthly chapter meetings and technical seminar opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with plumbing engineers worldwide
  • Leadership opportunities (national and chapter boards of directors and committees)

  • Advancing the Profession

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The Society shall be open to anyone involved in, or having a special interest in the design specification or drawing of plumbing systems. You can enjoy many benefits by being a member of ASPE. Click here to join.

Full Member

Eight (8) years of experience in plumbing engineering or related engineering field, a minimum of four (4) years of which must have been in a position of responsibility for the design of plumbing systems or in a position of responsibility for the design of systems and components related to, or incorporated within, plumbing engineered and designed systems. A maximum of four (4) years of experience may be waived by the Society Membership Committee for (a) Education: one-half (1/2) year for each completed year in a curriculum related to plumbing engineering; (b) Engineering Registration: four (4) years for Professional Engineer registration in a field that includes plumbing engineering; (c) CPD certification: two (2) years.  Dues: $190.00

Associate Member

Professionals engaged in plumbing design as consultants or engineers with fewer than eight years of industry experience.  Dues: $170.00.

affiliate Member

Any individual involved in the production or marketing of plumbing products.  Dues: $190.00.

Special Member

Professionals in related fields, such as contractors, or those with a special interest in
plumbing design whose professional background does not match the requirements for
any of the other categories. Dues: $190.00

Governmental Member

Anyone employed by municipal, state, or federal governments for one of the following

A. Checking and/or inspection of plumbing and/or inspection of plumbing plans and installations;
B. The formulation of codes, rules, requirements and regulations pertaining to the planning, designing and installation of plumbing systems, or any portion of a plumbing system;
C. Research and development of plumbing systems design criteria. Exceptions: Persons employed by a government agency for the purpose of designing and/or specifying plumbing systems, who shall be eligible to be Full or Associate Members, provided they have fulfilled the experience required as outlined for each respective classification.

 Dues: $190.00

Student Member

Any individual attending a recognized university, college, community college, vocational, or technical trade school full time or part time in a curriculum related to plumbing design. Student members are considered to be an introductory level to the Society. Student membership shall be limited to five (5) years, after which time the membership shall be upgraded to an applicable membership classification as deemed appropriate by the Society. Other member classifications shall not be permitted to downgrade to a Student member classification.  Dues: $30.00.