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Below is a list of common questions related to the CPD program and the CPD examination

FAQ About CPD Recertification

How often do I have to recertify?
Active CPDs recertify every 2 years. There are no exemptions. If you wish to maintain your CPD credential you must continue to earn continuing education every 2 years (May 1 through April 30, 24 months later). 

Is there a way to determine if a course is acceptable for recertification? 
Visit this page to complete an inquiry form to notify the CPD Committee so they can properly review. Submit this form more than once if you have multiple courses or seminars you're inquiring about.

Watch this brief video explaining the changes in recertification and audit procedures.

How many CEUs do I need to recertify?
Every 2 years CPDs must earn 24 hours of continuing education or 2.4 CEUs.

Click here to read more about recertification and procedures.

What happens if my CPD lapses? 
Read more about the CPD reinstatement process here.

FAQ About the CPD Examination

When is the next CPD Exam?
The CPD Exam is held once a year every Spring. 

How long is the exam and how many questions are there?
Candidates have 3.5 hours to take the 100-question multiple-choice exam. There are no short answer questions.

How is the exam administered?
It is administered at testing centers around the world. It is a computer-based exam. Locate a testing center here. ASPE only hosts our examinations at Pearson Professional Centers, so keep this in mind when narrowing down your search. 

Do I have to hold the CPDT credential prior to being eligible to sit for this exam?

When will I receive my results?
Results are shared via mail only 6-8 weeks after the exam. Candidates outside the USA and Canada can expect to receive results with in 6-8 weeks after the exam via UPS delivery only.

Are there review courses prior to taking the exam?
Yes! In 2019 ASPE is hosting four CPD Review Classes. Check that page again to see if this will be offered again. Additionally, some of the ASPE chapters host review courses. ASPE has a four-part webinar series for online studies. Please reach out to your local chapter to inquire if they host workshops.

Where can I find practice tests for the CPD exam?
You can find them online. You can purchase the exams on that third-party website (username and password are NOT your ASPE username and password). Begin online (https://reg-aspe.epic-exam.com/register) and follow step-by-step instructions here.

Where can I find the exam open book FAQ page?
Click here.

What are the rules for the testing centers?
Candidates will be asked to place all personal items, except their identification, in a locking file cabinet or compartment. Personal belongings will not be accessible to the Test Taker during a test session. Personal belongings include bags, purses, keys, wallets, hats, briefcases, books, cell phones, calculators, portable electronic devices, watches and any type of firearms. To prevent disruption candidates must turn off cell phones and personal electronics before placing them in the storage compartment. If a candidate needs to take a bathroom break their duration while on a break will count against their allotted time of 210 minutes. The video below will walk through what to expect at a Pearson Professional Center.

If you have any questions about the CPD program, CPD eligibility, or any related issues please email certification@aspe.org
The CPD Exam is held once per year in the Spring.