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Congratulations to the newest CPDs!

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The list below is from the 2018 CPD Exam.

Cordell A. Adamy, CPD (Johnstown Chapter)
Melissa Helena Angulo, P.E., CPD (Greenville Chapter)
Kimya Azadmard, CPD (Los Angeles Chapter)
Kaushal Nayan Babaria, EIT, LEED GA, CPD (New York City Chapter)
Rene Ignacio Basulto, P.E., CPD (Miami Chapter)
Mark Major Baxley, CPD (Baltimore Chapter)
Richard D. Becker, P.E., CPD (Minnesota Chapter)
Marc A. Bedois, CPD, LEED AP (Hampton Roads Chapter)
John Bellamy, EIT II, CPD (Denver Chapter)
Daniel James Bender, CPD (Baltimore Chapter)
Mark Earl Bigler, CPD (Member-At-Large Chapter)
Byron Joseph Brake, CPD (Denver Chapter)
Jonathan Michael Brown, G.E., CPD (Charlotte Chapter)
Steven M. Bruening, CPD (St. Louis Chapter)
Setah N. Burford, CPD (Member-At-Large)
Jonathan Amichai Butbul, P.E., CPD (San Diego Chapter)
Terry Cannon, P.E., CPD (Central Ohio Chapter)
Brandon James Cash, CPD (Richmond Chapter)
Jose Noyola Chavez, P.E., CPD (San Diego Chapter)
Aaron Lateef Collins, P.E., CPD (Los Angeles Chapter)
Mark John Conniff, CPD (Chicago Chapter)
Juan Ignacio Contreras, CPD (Orange County Chapter)
Michael Joab Cotter, CPD (San Diego Chapter)
Brian William Crisp, CPD (Baltimore Chapter)
Eric Andrew Decker, P.E., CPD (Orange County Chapter)
Vasco Serpa Demelo, CPD (Boston Chapter)
Serge Jacques Denizard, Jr, CPD, LEED AP BD+C (Washington DC Chapter)
William W. Dobson, P.E., CPD (Boston Chapter)
James Larkin Donegan, CPD (Boston Chapter)
Douglas Taylor Drew, P.E., CPD (Eastern Michigan Chapter)
Chad Michael Finn, P.E., CPD (Chicago Chapter)
Joshua Charles Flannigan, CPD (Atlanta Chapter)
Ryan Elwood Follick, CPD (Western Michigan Chapter)
Carl Raymond Fugiel, CPD (Chicago Chapter)
Robert Anthony Galaviz, CPD (Los Angeles Chapter)
Shaun Castillo Gallano, CPD (Boston Chapter)
Daniel Garcia, CPD (Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter)
Richard Edward Garrett, P.E., CPD (Rochester Chapter)
Antonino Giacalone, P.E., CPD (Boston Chapter)
Eric Gomez, CPD (Orange County Chapter)
Julie Lynn Hadfield, G.E., CPD (Atlanta Chapter)
Larry Joe Hampton, CPD (Oklahoma Chapter)
Kevin Hastings, P.E., CPD (San Diego Chapter)
Ashley Hayes Turlington, CPD (Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter)
Luke Hendricks, P.E., CPD (Portland Chapter)
Brandon L. Henson, PE, CPD (Charlotte Chapter)
David Scott Herron, CPD (Nashville Chapter)
Jaymes W. Hill, CPD (Central Ohio Chapter)
James Robert Hunt, III, CPD (Baltimore Chapter)
Devon Huynh, CPD (Minnesota Chapter)
Brian Keith Ison, CPD (Baltimore Chapter)
David R. Jenks, CPD (Los Angeles Chapter)
Kevin William Johnson, CDT, CPD (Minnesota Chapter)
Bradley M. Joinson, P.E., CPD (New Jersey Chapter)
Luciana S. Kayo, CPD (Chicago Chapter)
Robert Joseph Kiesl, P.E., CPD (Phoenix Chapter)
Mark Gerard Krysinski, CPD (Connecticut Chapter)
Zbigniew Kuziora, CPD (Connecticut Chapter)
Leah L'Ecuyer, P.E., CPD (Washington DC Chapter)
John Lansing, CPD, LEED Green Associate (Portland Chapter)
Jay Christopher Listoe, CPD (Intermountain Chapter)
Franklin Leonel Lopez, CPD (Los Angeles Chapter)
Alfredo Losoya, CPD (Central Texas Chapter)
Paul Anthony Lowry, CPD (New York City Chapter)
Alexander Lukashevich, P.E., CPD (Southwestern Ohio Chapter)
Oksana Lysenko, CPD (Southwestern Ohio Chapter)
Jennifer Ashley Ma, P.E., CPD (San Francisco Chapter)
Christopher Charles Macal, P.E., CPD (Chicago Chapter)
Houssein Madi, G.E., P.E., CPD (Eastern Michigan Chapter)
John Pierre Malescio, EIT, CPD (New York City Chapter)
Omar B. Malik, P.E., CPD (Washington DC Chapter)
Gibson G. Mammen, P.E., LEED AP BD+C , CPD (Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter)
Nicholas L. Marrow, CPD (Baltimore Chapter)
Andrew Joseph May, CPD (Boston Chapter)
Whitney Blair Minyard, P.E., CDT, CPD (Alabama Chapter)
Alberd Misku, CPD (New York City Chapter)
Luis Adan Molina, CPD (Orange County Chapter)
Mark J. Muench, CPD (Wisconsin Chapter)
Karina Nakhshumov, CPD (New York City Chapter)
Devon L. Neal, CPD (Connecticut Chapter)
Wai Hon Ng, CPD (Long Island Chapter)
Peter Pastore, CPD (Connecticut Chapter)
John Andrew Patterson, G.E., P.E., CPD (Orange County Chapter)
Isabel Carolina Pires Lins da Silva, CPD (Boston Chapter)
Rafael T. Plahm, CPD (Boston Chapter)
Camilo Andres Rodriguez, CPD (Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter)
Esteban Camilo Roldan, EIT, CPD (New York City Chapter)
Donald F. Rosen, CPD (Boston Chapter)
Dereck R. Rowe, CPD (Southwestern Ohio Chapter)
Lincon Saki, P.E., CPD (San Francisco Chapter)
Dwayne Ashley Sattler, CPD (San Diego Chapter)
Ron S. Saunders, CPD (Baltimore Chapter)
Alexander Taso Scambos, P.E., CPD (Denver Chapter)
Joseph Gerard Scerbo, CPD (Richmond Chapter)
Hussein Mohamed Shawer, MSc, CPD, LEED AP (Overseas Chapter)
David Ross Shell, CPD (Washington DC Chapter)
Jorge Adrian Silva, P.E., CPD (Phoenix Chapter)
Dustin Shane Smith, P.E., CPD (Atlanta Chapter)
Mark Spath, CPD (Capital Region NY Chapter)
Emily Marie Spencer, P.E., CPD (Phoenix Chapter)
Brian T. Stelly, G.E., CPD (Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter)
John R. Sternitzke, P.E., CPD (Phoenix Chapter)
Frank Stramaglia, CPD (Boston Chapter)
Jafet Tavarez, CPD
Rudi Tillmann, G.E., CPD (Boston Chapter)
Judith Torres, CDT, CPD (Chicago Chapter)
Omar Varela, CPD (San Diego Chapter)
Hector Villalobos, CPD (Orange County Chapter)
Brenton Jay Wartner, CPD (Denver Chapter)
Timothy Anthony Washington, Jr., CPD (Charlotte Chapter)
Sarah Ann Watercott, CPD (Minnesota Chapter)
Micah Richard Willette, CPD (Northern California Chapter)
David Wolf, P.E., CPD (San Diego Chapter)
John Ronald Woytalewicz, CPD (New York City Chapter)
Marlon Wright, CPD (Cleveland Chapter)
Matthew Peter David Wyles, CPD (Southwestern Ohio Chapter)