Founding Member of ASPE Is Awarded by IAPMO


At IAPMO's 87th annual Education and Business Conference in Albuquerque, founding ASPE member Edward Saltzberg, PE, CPD, FPE, FASPE, FNAFE, was awarded the 2016 IAPMO American Flag Award for his six decades of service to the organization. Following is the presentation speech given by IAPMO Board of Directors member Laura Biggie.

"IAPMO’s 90 years of history are rooted in expertise, shared knowledge, collective deeds, strong codes, and nearly a century of safe plumbing and mechanical systems. But perhaps more importantly, it is rooted in people — few more so than the recipient of this year’s American Flag Award.

"When it comes to this individual, history is a literal term. His involvement with IAPMO spans an-incredible two thirds of the association’s existence. That’s right: 2017 will mark his 60th year of membership! What better resource about our association’s past than a man who was there before IAPMO was known as IAPMO?

"It’s important to note, however, that this man hasn’t merely been there, he has truly “done that” as well, his expertise and influence touching so much of IAPMO’s work over these past six decades, including — and this is astounding — serving as his chapter’s secretary since 1960.

"Formally starting his career as an apprentice with UA Local 78 in Los Angeles, our recipient worked between many of the construction trades throughout the early 1950s. He received an associate’s degree from L.A. City College and transferred to Cal State L.A., where he received a bachelor’s of science degree in plumbing engineering.

"In 1958, he turned out as a journeyman plumber, though he’d already been designing and installing plumbing, heating, and fire protection systems for a decade. That same year, he became a member of the Western Plumbing Officials Association, to be renamed IAPMO five years later.

"In 1967, he opened his own mechanical engineering consulting business, which he still operates as president today. He’s held mechanical engineering licenses in 11 states, from Washington to Connecticut to Florida, and has served as an expert witness in 543 legal and insurance cases. He’s a co-founder and charter member of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers and is a member — often lifetime or honorary — of nearly 20 professional industry organizations.

"With IAPMO, he was an original member of the Standards Council, making vital contributions to the ANSI-accredited development of the first three editions of the UPC and UMC to be designated American National Standards, as well as serving on numerous other committees during his six decades of membership. 

"The service that truly stands out in a historical sense, however, is as secretary of the Southern California Chapter, for which he has dutifully recorded the meeting minutes for 56 years. That’s practically as long as Vin Scully’s been calling Dodgers games! If you want to know what happened at the March 1965 meeting, he’s likely still got the meeting notes filed at his home.

"I have to tell you, the man’s resume is eight pages long. And it’s not like there’s any padding in there. It lists licenses, education, employment, memberships, forensic history, publishing history, teaching experience, and awards and honors — one entire page devoted to those; among them IAPMO’s Industry Person of the Year in 1982 and George Kauffman Lifetime Achievement Award recipient in 2004.

"Well, he’s going to have to add another, because it is my esteemed pleasure to present Ed Saltzberg with the 2016 American Flag Award."