ASPE Introduces the New Society Board of Directors and Fellows

October 17, 2018 — At its biennial Business Meeting, which was held during the 2018 ASPE Convention & Expo in Atlanta, the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) held elections for the 2018–2020 Society Board of Directors. The Chapter Delegates who were in attendance elected the following individuals to represent the membership for the next two years:

  • President: Carol Johnson, CPD, LEED AP, CFI, FASPE 
  • Vice President, Technical: Don Strickland, CPD, GPD, FASPE
  • Vice President, Education: Blair Minyard, PE, CDT, CPD
  • Vice President, Legislative: Brianne N. Hall, PE, CPD, LEED AP BD+C, GGP
  • Vice President, Membership: Vincent (Vinny) Falkowski, PE, PMP, CCM
  • Vice President, Affiliate: Thomas P. Sharp
  • Treasurer: Jim Zebrowski, PE, CPD, FASPE
  • Region 1 Director: R. Paul Silvestre, FASPE
  • Region 2 Director: Keith Bush, CPD, GPD, CSI
  • Region 3 Director: Steve E. Mastley, CPD, FASPE
  • Region 4 Director: Scott M. Steindler, CPD, LEED AP, ARCSA AP (IS), GPD, GGP
  • Region 5 Director: Bryan Hutton, CPD

"The new ASPE Board embodies the spirit of community and brings talent, expertise, and energy to the table," says ASPE President Carol Johnson. "I am fortunate to have them by my side as we continue to strengthen the plumbing design industry and profession."

Also at the 2018 ASPE Convention & Expo, the newest class of ASPE's Kenneth G. Wentink College of Fellows was announced. The following individuals were chosen for their leadership in promoting plumbing engineering and design, with significant and exceptional contributions to the profession:

  • Ronald K. Bartley, PE, CPD, CPI/CPE, FASPE
  • Carol Johnson, CPD, LEED AP, CFI, FASPE 
  • Vincent J. Scriboni, FASPE
  • William C. Stewart Jr., FASPE
  • Don Strickland, CPD, GPD, FASPE
  • Karl E. Yrjanainen, PE, CPD, FASPE

You can find contact information for the 2018–2020 ASPE Board of Directors at For more information on the Kenneth G. Wentink College of Fellows, visit